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Intergalactic Enterprises™ – If there is a job that needs to be done!

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Intergalactic Enterprises™ was founded in the year 2933 as a startup delivering goods to small space stations and mining colonies by three man growing to an high trusted Cargo Company delivering goods of all kinds to any place in the known universe at moderate costs and with a high level of security.

We started with our private ships so there were a couple of Spaceships out of Origins 300 series and some other small ships, so our only option to fully use the potential of the ships was making express deliveries of small amounts of goods to small space stations and other points of interest in the outer zones.

By the end of the year 2936 we already had made a name as highly trusted express deliverie service. And so we started investing our hard earned money to expand our fleet by a Banu Merchantmen and a MISC Freelancer which introduced us to higher capacity commodity trading over long distances.

Yet another eight years later we decided to take the step and cut the cost for buying ore by establishing our very own mining branch, but maintaining an Orion mining platform, which supplied our trade routes, required lots of fuel resulting in another expansion of our fleet: the MISC Starfarer.

But we still keep in mind the devise that we pursue since 2933.
“Your freight is our calling”!

2945-09-06 Alliance with Protectors of Verum


Our goal as a company is to transport the goods of others without them needing to be concerned if there cargo is lost or reaches its goal not in time, for us the customer is on the highest priority and the trust of our customers is the highest good that needs to be retained as long as our company exists.

We also are interested in selling ressources to every body in need and ensure that they are transported with the same intentions we mentioned before.

And always keep in mind: safty first.


We are interested in recruiting new members and partners in diffrent positions:

We search for honest citizens, doing well paid honest work like piloting cargo vessels, flying escort for transport or minig missions or working as crew member on board of our cargo or mining vessels.

We dont accept any crossings of the laws of the UEE, like piracy or other illegal activitys.

Working for us brings lucrativ contracts, a friendly work atmosphere with experienced pilots and other coworkers and the capability to work on your own or with your crew with just a little percentage of duties to pay for having a company behind your back that will protect you if you need it. On the other hand you need to protect the company if it needs protection.

We think that respect, loyalty and trust are must haves for every of our employes.

If you work for us we will do so for you!

—— For other Companies ——

If you own a corparation thats in need of a transportation company, an ore supplier or just want to cooperate with us contact us over a message to on of our CEO’s: StonedLover or Xiunu.

Singned Leader of the Board: Xiunu