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Invictus Logistics & Integrated Services / ILIS

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Invictus – Fast, Effective, Secure. The solution to all of your logistical needs.



Our Story

Originating in the Stanton system in 2948, executives from the corporation formerly known as Synergy Corp, resigned from their post, and started their own corporation that prides itself on the safety of their employees. This corporation is known as Invictus Logistics and Integrated Services (ILIS).

The leadership of Synergy Corp believed that profitably was the only concern for the business, even if it meant risking the lives of their own employees. A small group of Executives refused to conform to that business model, and believed the company would soon fail if they did not begin to treat their employees with respect and put value in their lives. During a board meeting, this small group of executives voiced their concern and the Board of Directors voted against their motion to provide a better security detail for trade fleets. Upon realizing that nothing would change, this group of executives resigned from their posts and formed what is now ‘Invictus Logistics and Integrated Services’.

These five Executives voted on a President to lead ILIS, and the other four became the new companies Board of Directors. The President and the Board of Directors work together and have built ILIS to what it is today. From helping smaller companies move supplies from system to system, to providing security details for VIP’s and trade fleets both within and outside the UEE, ILIS has been helping shape the state of the ‘verse as we know it today. ILIS is proud of what their small group of employees have done in such a short time. We plan to not only grow as a corporation, but to reach out and ally with other companies as well.


August 19th, 2948- Five executives leave old Corporation known as Synergy Corp.
August 20th, 2948- The five executives start their own company known as Invictus Logistics and Integrated Services (ILIS).
August 21st, 2948- ILIS opens up recruitment of new employees to the public.
August 22nd, 2948- ILIS announces business partnership with Unified Armistice Association (UNARAS).
August 24th, 2948- ILIS proudly unveils the first Corvette and first Capital support ship added to the Naval fleet, the Aegis Hammerhead.
October 11th, 2948- ILIS announces business partnership with NorseLine Freighting (NorseLine).
October 11th, 2948- ILIS announces business partnership with Cyclops Trading and Security (CTS).
October 22nd, 2948- ILIS proudly unveils the first Capital ship to the Naval fleet, the DRAKE Kraken.
November 13th, 2948- The President of ILIS makes first touchdown in Lorville, Hurston.
November 23rd, 2948- ILIS proudly unveils the second Capital support ship added to the Naval fleet, the Anvil Carrack.
December 4th, 2948- ILIS begins creating and implementing the doctrine for the corporations Army.
December 21st, 2948- ILIS conducts mini operations to test out the effectiveness of the EMP’s and the Cyclone-AA.
December 22nd, 2948- ILIS announces business partnership with The Naval Armada Corps [TNAC].
January 6th, 2949- ILIS conducts ‘Operation Drugs are Good.’
February 26th, 2949- ILIS announces business partnership with Squid Inkorporated [SquidInk].
April 18th, 2949- The President of ILIS makes first touchdown in Area 18, Arc Corp.
April 22nd, 2949- ILIS reaches their first milestone of 25 members.
August 7th, 2949- ILIS ends business partnership with NorseLine.
September 7th, 2949- ILIS proudly unveils its company flag ship, the Origin 890 Jump.
November 4th, 2949- ILIS announces business partnership with Sentinels of Valor [SOV].
April 24th, 2950- The President of ILIS makes first touchdown on New Babbage, MicroTech.
October 17th, 2950- The President of ILIS steps down and hands over leadership to one of the Board Members


Divisions of ILIS

In order to work efficiently, ILIS has divided into three main divisions which employees are allowed to change between to insure they are working at peak efficiency. Each division needs to work together in order to thrive. If one lacks, the others will fail. Teamwork and dedication to duty are a must among the members of ILIS.


Members of the logistics division provide transport, refit, and other logistical needs to ILIS itself as well as contracted parties. These missions may range in risk from civilian goods transport to full military support. Another function of the Logistics section is buying and selling trade goods. The Logistic section is the primary source of income in ILIS. Logistics will work with the Administrative section to find and fill all forms of logistic and trade needs throughout the ‘verse.


ILIS prides itself not only on it’s excellent logistic capabilities but also on its best in class military services. ILIS is capable of fielding expertly trained and equipped military forces for missions such as security, advisory, and full military action. The military is split into two sections in order to provide the maximum security measures for any job.

The ILIS ground force is one of the most highly trained Armies in the ‘verse. They are capable of rapidly deploying to an area of operations, launching a swift attack, and are able to hold their ground for as long as possible. The men and women serving take great pride in what they do, and nothing will come between them and the mission. Duties of the ILIS Army include (but are not limited to): security detail on ships, VIP protection, mounted operations via terrain vehicles, and more.

The ILIS Navy fleet is top of the line, and only accepts the best pilots in the ‘verse. The Navy ranges in force from light recon flights to full naval groups centered around multiple capital ships. Operations range from simple data gathering to inter-system military action. The Navy itself is fully self sustaining and should not require support from other sections on space to space operations apart from multi day conflicts.

Both ILIS Army and Navy sections will be available for hire if approached by another company. See our Administrative team and Board of Directors for more information.


Internally, ILIS prides itself on professional, efficient administration. Employees in this field provide services to organize, manage, and improve the corporation. The section works with both the Logistics and Military sections to ensure that every action is running efficiently. Some of the tasks the administrative section is changed with are seeking out and forming relations with other orgs, managing and controlling finance, recruiting and managing members, as well as negotiating and securing contracts.


Unified Armistice Association [UNARAS]
Cyclops Trading and Security [CTS]
The Naval Armada Corps [TNAC]
Squid Inkorporated [SquidInk]
Sentinels of Valor [SOV]


The President and the Board of Directors

The President and Board of Directors are the face of ILIS. Every major decision must be approved via vote by the board in order for it to be approved. The President and Directors are also responsible for the appointment of officers and charging them with a major task at ILIS. These tasks could be anything from public relations to operations officer of the military, however they are all of great importance to the corporation.

Senior Officer

The role of a Senior Officer in ILIS falls directly beneath the President and Directors. Senior Officers are in charge of a dedicated section, and have direct communications with the Board of Directors. They may take part in discussions with the Directors, as well as plan events, discuss trade routes, maneuvering the military, and directing supplies as needed. Senior Officers will control a large group, and they will be responsible for everyone assigned to them. The Senior Officer will know how to execute his job appropriately, effectively, and without error. Promotion to Senior Officer will be voted on by the Board of Directors and the President.

Junior Officer

Junior Officers may manage smaller function or assist in managing a larger function at ILIS and are entrusted with a high level of responsibility. Junior Officers report directly to the Senior Officers of their section, and will be regularly examined. Promotion to Junior Officer will require a recommendation from that section’s Senior Officer(s) to the Board of Directors and President.

Senior Member

Can be called upon as flight, team, or convoy leaders as needed. Have provided a high level of commitment to ILIS. Senior members have been around awhile and know how to perform their roles effectively. Being a Senior Member, this is your first small step into a leadership role. Senior Members will assist Junior Officers, and will be effective at their role within the Corporation. Promotion to Senior Member will be decided by the Officers of the section in which they are employed when the member has had enough time in service with ILIS.


Full employees of ILIS. Members have passed the initial mandatory probation period and are now official members of ILIS. They have proven to the Corporation that they are fully capable of doing their jobs. They have been assigned to either the Administration, Security, or Logistics sections based on their performance. Members will become masters within their assigned section, and will follow the orders of those appointed above them. Even though members are not in leadership roles, they are important to ILIS because they’re the ones moving us forward. Member roles will vary depending what section they are assigned to.

Junior Member

New employees at ILIS. Junior members will be placed on a mandatory probation period of about two weeks and will be evaluated by officers of ILIS. Junior members will be closely watched to see how they perform. Junior Officers will report to the Senior Officer about their performance and ultimately decide whether or not the member is a good fit. With approval from the a Senior Officer, you will be promoted to member.