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Roberts Space Industries ®

Jags Corp / JAGSCORP

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  • Role play
  • Transport
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Here we stand !
We are JAGS, and
We’re in it for the Long Haul !!

JAGSCORP Discord goto


JAGSCORP started as a transport business founded on Terra many centuries ago. A family business, starting with one man and his truck.
Long ago, when truckers used primitive radios, they had callsigns – this man’s was JAGS.
As the years passed the business grew, but wars and strife virtually killed off the family, leaving very few to remember their true origins.
But what remained, forever strong, from generation to generation, the name JAGS.
Always known to be short for Jaguar, an animal that is Proud, Fierce, Strong and Cunning, the JAGS family continues these blood bound traits.
Today, the Jaguars come out for the ultimate prey, THE VERSE!
If you’re a jaguar at heart, come join JAGS.


JAGS: Proud, Fierce, Strong and Cunning, while maintaining Honor, Respect and Dignity.

We’re looking for serious pilots, ready to do weekend cargo hauls with a percent payout.
We intend to do hauls anywhere from weekly to bi-weekly.
Ships are not a requirement, as you’ll have the opportunity to fly JAGSCORP ships, solely owned by JAGSCORP CEO’s and Directors. For example, we have Hulls B, C and E ready for hauls, as well as Merchantmen, Caterpillars and Starfarers. We also have an Orion that can be fully crewed by those willing to invest in the long haul, as well as a Carrack, Polaris and Endeavor.
Our Directors take care of everything – training, equipment, contracts – you can enjoy the luxury of de-stressed flight.
Since JAGSCORP is still in its infancy, seniority is more accessible than larger orgs.

We are on the lookout for applicants in the following sectors:
-Escort Pilots (with and without their own ships)
-Crewmen (gunners, turret experts, scanners, miners and more!)
-Explorers (with and without their own ships)
-Medics (with and without their own ships)
-Scientists (with and without their own ships)

Our payout is simple: participate, get paid.
Members will eventually enjoy finance support from JAGSCORP. We take care of our family.
Come be a part of the family.

We wish to represent ourselves as a true Corporation, focused, professional, and not just some org patched together.
Our CEO is from Quebec, Canada; we represent ourselves as a bi-lingual org (French and English).
French members welcome.
There are advantages in every time zone, so all are welcome.


JAGSCORP will stand by and take responsibility for the Actions and Characteristics of their members.
So if you feel you can not be of honorable and moral standing…DON’T BOTHER!


  1. Treat all crew members, Chiefs, Associates, Directors and Administrators as family.
  2. Conduct business with honor, respect and dignity – do not shame the JAGS name.
  3. See that all business is done efficiently and safely.
  4. Treat all ships as if they were your home.
  5. Above all else, act Proud, Fierce, Strong and Cunning, while maintaining Honor, Respect and Dignity.

That is the code of JAGS, and we stick by it through thick and thin.