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Kuiper Belt Iron Legion / KBIL

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“Humanity must come first.” That imperative is written in our genes.
We exist today because our ancestors survived, despite every hostile predator of ancient Earth.
The time has come again: persevere or perish. For the sake of humanity, liberty, and your family, join us.


The Ancient and the Most Honorable Iron Legion

The Kuiper Belt Iron Legion began simply enough. The Legion was assembled from an alliance of various independent Trans-Neptunian iridium and platinum prospectors in the 23rd century. Settlement outside of the Sol system was in its infancy. The Kuiper Belt was an area of vast potential resources. It was also a refuge for the most notorious fugitives during an era when fleeing the solar system was not an option.

The mix of easy money and lawlessness bred a desperate situation. It was truly the birth of space-borne piracy. Unable to count on protection from Earth, the settlers and prospectors formed their own militia, as settlers have done so often before and since.

Oceans of time have passed since those dark days. Through all the changes and the rise and fall of humanity’s fortunes, the Kuiper Belt Iron Legion has been there. Perhaps the oldest extant PMC, the Legion’s ancient militia past certainly gives it the oldest roots and longest held traditions.

Its numbers have ebbed and flowed like the tide, keeping time with the external threats to honest civilian folk. In decades of extended peace they have been relegated to the status of “relics”; toothless and antiquated. In times of war, invasion, and piracy, their numbers have swollen with miners, settlers, and laborers; the very people whose families bare the brunt of lax security policies and inept leadership.

Today the UEE is in flux; unstable. The Vanduul circle the edges of the Empire like sharks scenting blood. The Orion system has fallen and the UEE has fled in disgraceful shame. Tiber and Caliban were contested shortly thereafter. The UEE excuses the abandonment of those colonies and their failure to protect the people as the “pragmatic course.”

The UEE’s leaders attempt appeasement to avoid provocation. The Empire has not learned from history and is doomed to repeat it. The greatest provocation is a show of weakness.

In the years that have passed, the KBIL has swollen with recruits. The widows, the orphans, the dispossessed, and those who do not wish to share their fate are aligning to protect humanity where the UEE failed.

It is all but inevitable now. In the not-too-distant future the iron hammer will fall and woe betide those who are caught in its burning arc.

“What the hell do we have to fear from a bunch of settlers with pitchforks and torches?” -Last known broadcast of Oberon Holte, Pirate King of Vanth


We hold these truths to be self-evident.

Every human has the right to say, think, and believe as they wish.

Every human has the right to live unmolested and in peace.

Every human has the right to travel and go freely where they will, without fear of violence.

Every human has the right to make their honest living and use their gain as they please.

Every human, as a sovereign being, may befriend, exchange with, and affiliate with any they chose.

None may interfere with the rights of any human being; most especially the rights of a KBIL member and their family.

All of these rights must remain inviolate until an individual’s exercise of these rights interferes with the rights of another human being.

“To our Allies and well-wishers … this is the message: Lift up your hearts, all will come right. Out of depths of sorrow and sacrifice will be born again the glory of mankind.” -Sir Winston Churchill, 1941



You are often judged by who you friends are. In the interest of full disclosure to both our members and potential allies, what follows is the list of friendly/allied organizations from the perspective of the KBIL.

Carrier Strike Group 3 (WARDEN Alliance)
Guardians of Orion (WARDEN Alliance)
Curse Alliance (CURSE Alliance)
Vengeance of the Fallen (CURSE Alliance)
Strong-Arm Solutions (CURSE Alliance)
New Damocles Interstellar Union
Ghost Pilot Guild
Nova Express Salvage and Transport
Isidore Shipping Company
Corel Trading Company
Special Encounters Group (202nd)


The ancient and honorable rules to which members of the ‘Kuiper Belt Iron Legion’ shall adhere:

All of KBIL members are obliged to come to blows with any who would deny, violate, or abridge Human rights. No one has the right to stand by as the innocent suffer.

Treat any attack on any KBIL member or their family as an attack upon yourself.

Work to preserve the peace and protect the innocent. Never let a threat to humanity go unchallenged, whether pirate, alien, or slaver.

Rescue any ship in legitimate distress.

Accept a legitimate surrender from an enemy you have at your mercy.

Make friends and allies where ever you will. Affiliate with any organization you wish, but know you are judged by the company you keep.

The rights of humanity demand they be avenged: the punishment for piracy, slaving, sentient trafficking, and other human rights violations is death or another suitable penalty commensurate with the offense.

If we ever must come to blows with the Navy or Advocacy, only non-lethal force may be employed.

Directives for these Perilous Times:

All members will join and support Operation Pitchfork for the good of Humanity, vengeance for the fallen, and the vindication of our human rights.

All members will push the Vanduul out of their conquered territories and see their safe return to Human hands and those people whose rights and livelihoods were violated by the Vanduul invasion.

“We ran those alien raiders out of Antiles. It was a hard fought battle on both sides. And, do you know what the last alien said to us as he died? ‘Arrrrrrgh!’”
“Ha! I love that one!” -War story overheard in the Iron Legion Cantina