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Kolonial Marine Service / KMS

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Welcome to the Kolonial Marine Service (KMS)

“Motto: Courageous and Loyal / Tapfer und Treu (Semper Fidelis).”

- Von Hexenburg 2946 KMS Founder

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The Kolonial Marine Service (KMS) was created 2946 by Von Hexenburg in the days just prior to the large undertaking against the Vanduul known as “Operation Pitchfork”.

KMS is a military force dedicated to the protection of our colonies in space. The KMS may not be on the same playing field (in terms of being outfitted, supplied, and trained) as the UEE back home, but it may be all that is available to the colonies in the depths of space.


KMS is an English/German speaking roleplay guild. We simulate a military force dedicated to the protection of our colonies in space. One can think of “Kolonial Marine” as “Space Marines” … a force which is perhaps on the level of a “National Guard” or a “Militia”, but has the organization of a Naval Fleet and a “Marine Corps” at the same time.

The guild initials “KMS” stand for “Kolonial Marine Service”. When used as a part of a capital ship’s name, it will stand for “Kolonial Marine Schiff” (Colonial Marine Ship).

The goal should be to have fun. I hope that this roleplay will make the game more interesting.


Membership Requirements

Headset strongly recommended.
No Hotmicing.
Must not cause drama.
Affiliates are welcome, but some rank restrictions will apply.

KMS Code of Conduct

  • KMS simulates, in roleplay, a military force dedicated to the protection of our colonies in space.
  • We encourage brave, loyal, honest, nice, friendly folks to be a part of our guild.
  • We discourage the less than honest, pirates, and evil doers.
  • Members of our guild are expected to present themselves in a manner which the Kolonial Marine Service can be proud of.
  • Griefing others, KS’ing, and unsportsmanlike conduct is frowned upon.
  • KMS members will not behave in an “ungentlemanly” or “unladylike” fashion in regards to the treatment of prisoners.
  • Killing people who are in an escape pod after a battle will be considered as conduct unbecoming of a Kolonial Marine.
  • Any spies/traitors discovered in our midst will have a bounty placed upon their heads and will be banned from KMS in the future.
  • There is a 3-month probationary period whilst a background check is conducted.
  • In summary, KMS holds to old fashioned values of “duty, honour, country, fairplay/good sportsmanship, and being a good citizen”.