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Loose Association of Mercenaries & Privateers

…and industrialists, explorers, traders, racers, repairmen, roleplayers, smugglers, bombers, bounty hunters etc, etc, but there was only so much room in the acronym.
Contact us:

(Discord Landing Pad)


Noteworthy Events

Present Being around for 8 years and still waiting patiently, we decided to embrace the Hiatus and bide our time hanging out, sharing stories & playing various games via our shared Discord. Feel free to join us there. A renewed recruitment drive will be had once we get closer to a true MMO style server structure where we can bring our numbers to bear

November 12th, 2016 Moved from our integrated chat to the more convenient Discord. Information on how to join our server can be found on our Website , under the Comms-Tab

Octobre 10th, 2016 Ramped up the shared fleet, securing ourselves a jointly funded Polaris for the Org-Hangar and re-buying several non-combat capitals we had previously melted for the Javelin.

August 20th, 2016: Once again, we carried the Light to Gamescom, meeting old and new friends alike.

July 21st, 2016: Completed our internal Wikipedia, including a self-updating 3D Star Map.

Decembre 16th, 2015: Managed to secure a jointly owned Javelin Flagship for our Organisation. Previously, hundreds of people had come together and donated small amounts, so we could get this massive ship without any individual having to shoulder the rather giant pricetag. Gonna fly it it together, might as well buy it together. Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed!

October 10th, 2015: Our british members and a fair bunch of mainland Lamponauts ventured to Manchester to see what Foundry42 had in store for us at CitizenCon. Finally got a glimpse at the Big World system, giving us a better idea of how the game would play out eventually.

August 6th & 7th, 2015: A new year, a new Gamescom event, where we were able to meet old and new faces and get a first glimpse at the Multicrew system.

August, 15th, 2014: About two dozen Lamponauts ventured to Cologne for CIGs second Gamescom Event. (You might have noticed the giant Lamp in the front of the crowd ;)). Had a blast hanging around there, trying our hands on the new racing gamemode and meeting up with the team. Rounded up the evening with a visit to a Hookah bar. Thanks to everyone who was there, it was great meeting old and new faces!

May 9th, 2014: Multiple Org Feature Launched, prompting many large Orgs to start zerg-inviting. LAMP didn’t, because we feel that bloating your numbers like that causes the kind of problems large guilds are rightfully criticised for. ; )
However, we do support multiple Org membership under some conditions. You can find the details in the Manifesto

May 1st, 2014: We moved to a shiny new Website. All accounts from our previous forum have been transferred, and you will be able to login with your usual credentials. It will take a while longer for all the forum posts to migrate, but we have already set up the most important sections again. Post away!

April 11th, 2014: Somebody had to bring the light to PAX, so there we went. And had a blast ;) Pictures can be found in the depths of this thread

March 19th, 2014: LAMP managed to win the Award for “Most Active Large Organisation”, securing us a meet & greet with the man himself, Chris Roberts, at PAX, and proving that people can be active and engaged, without being forced to be. Thanks for everyones contributions!

January 21st, 2014: With the release of the Org system, we brought our already large memberbase over to RSI, welcoming many new faces in the process.

August, 24th, 2013: A bunch of brave Lamponauts attended the Hangar Reveal at Cologne. It was a lot of fun, and pictures can be found both on our Forum as well as on RSI
We also had a strong presence at the Pre-Event, having fun with Chris Roberts. More pictures can be found in this Thread

November 19th, 2012 : LAMP saw the light of day after the miraculous events of the first 24hour livestream. Read more about it below.

What’s all this business about “the LAMP”?

Huddle around the holo-fire, young ones, for I shall tell you a tale from before time….

In the age of the Forums before the Forums before the Forums,
in the days before the universe came to be,
in the darkest hours of the Kickstarter 24 hour pledge telethon to secure the funding for Creation,

Chris Roberts and CIG had abandoned the players,
on a quest for midnight pizza and beer,
we sat in the dark and cold embrace of silent space,

the watchers were losing hope,
minds slowly withering from over-caffeinated fatigue,
their numbers dwindling and the Kickstarter stretch goals slipping out of reach.


A Light unto Darkness
A Flame in the Void

Illumination of Soul
Enlightenment of Mind

Recession of Shadow
Retreat of Umbra

In Irradiating Blaze
All Purified
All Ignited

The players peered unto the event horizon, and from it they beheld radiant brilliance emerged
an IKEA lamp appeared on screen with messages from beyond taped to it’s visage,
bringing hope and prophecy of gaming Elysium to the players,

Some went Blind,
Some went Mad,

All fell down before LAMP and praised it’s light,
it sustained us through the long night,
it brought us to space sim gaming’s pinnacle height.

Lamp is an SC insider joke, an IKEA lamp was placed infront of the streaming camera with a ‘back soon’ note attached to it. Sleep deprived players began hailing lamp as a god, self-named prophets began interpreting it’s will, some hours later it was given it’s own camera and new notes posted on it. Thus a meme was born.

It provides a common symbol for our guild binding us intrinsically to the creation of this game. It is an anchor both for less serious joking and meme creating, as well as a deeper place for our RPers who adhere to the Cult of Light. It is a malleable thing, you can ignore it or over-embrace it until people tire of you, all as you wish. It is our guild mascot, and is an endless supply of ship names, battle cries and imagery for our guild.


Do you want to play with friends, but have grown tired of being bossed around by some distant Leadership, regarding you as nothing but a human resource? Have you had your fill of ego-drama and power struggles? Then LAMP is for you, we’ll have none of that here!
We see a game as a game, not a job, value community first, and eschew all that pretend-military/corporation stuff of other guilds.

Instead of demanding our members to go do things, we will allow the grassroots to manage themselves.
As such, the core of LAMP will be self-organised Squads, coming together because they share an interest in some aspect of the game or have a similar level of dedication. Other members are then free to join in on these Squads missions, or host something of their own. All the guild will demand is that you show up for the stuff you volunteered for.
Above that we will have Divisions, designed to foster and coordinate cooperation between Squads, allowing them to join together and temporarily form full fledged fleets. These would then serve as yet another mission source for both individual members, as well as other Squadrons. But even If you just want to Lonewolf for a while, nobody will complain that you are not “pulling your weight” or anything.
The goal is to allow people to explore the full range of gameplay, without being permanently nailed down on one “correct” way to have fun.

Leadership meanwhile exists only to organise the overarching structure, provide a common theme and direction, and ensure we avoid conflicting interests on the diplomatic stage.

The important thing is that we treat the game as a game, and respect our fellow players. Attitude is more important than what your preferred playstyle may be. Be gracious to noobs, humble in victory, noble in defeat, respectful to our adversaries, helpful to strangers and guildmates alike, and you’ll fit right in.

So if you want to get the most out of the game, be it solo, co-op, or in massive capital fleets, PvP or PvE, noob or veteran, come fly with us.

I wanna join

Please do not apply on RSI first (the application system is terrible :P), but go over to and register. Once the mods have woken up and manually approved your registration, please introduce yourself in the new members thread in the Welcome forum!
Once your application has been approved, you will also be invited to the Org here on RSI.
More information on the application process & our guild can be found in our F.A.Q.

I want to hear more

perhaps you take a glance at our Charter in the specific register, you’ll also find a German translation at the end

and / or

Listen in as ISNN interviews known drunkard and knave Dread Pirate Pete about LAMP’s guild philosophy:

What is your stance on multiple Organisation Membership?

In general, we only accept people who will actually fly with us. We are large enough to provide a wide range of gameplay to our members already, and there is no desperate need to inflate our numbers any further. Our focus until launch lies on internal community building.
So if you are in the business of collecting large Org memberships , look elsewhere ; ). Still interested? Read on.

In general, we have the following principles
I) LAMP is a primary Org and will have diplomacy, binding for all members regardless of secondary allegiances
II) LAMP will not permit its members to attack each other, as frankly, that’s a major dickmove and the glue of our Community is Trust.
Bottom line is, we want to avoid conflicting interests and the drama that comes with them.

Therefore, we have the following stance regarding multiple Org Membership:

1. If you join LAMP, you are loyal to LAMP & other members first.
-> We won’t order you around, but don’t wanna worry about backstabbing or split loyalties in PvP. And you shouldn’t have to either.

2. LAMP will only accept members being in orgs with no possible conflicts of interest with us.
-> Social/cooperative orgs like Convoy, PACK, Pitchfork are ok. Orgs with your friends are ok. Pure LAMP sub-orgs are ok.
-> Orgs with their own agendas that might lead to split loyalties are not. As a rule of thumb, most Orgs >50 members fall into this category

3. Affiliations aren’t diplomatic deals.
-> While we support & protect our members, this doesn’t extend to other Orgs they might be in
-> If you are a member of a small Squad and want your friends covered as well, consider our Squad affiliation program outlined below.

4. LAMP members are fully and personally responsible for any conflicts or drama that may arise from them having joined any other org

While this might sound strict in an Org landscape were many have opted to simply accept everyone, we believe it’s a necessary precaution to avoid drama in the long run, and have a more relaxed culture internally, as we can trust each other.
If you have any questions regarding this stance, please contact one of our Admins via PM

Can whole Orgs/Squads affiliate with LAMP?

Yes! Since LAMP is built around the idea of flat hierarchies and member-driven, largely independent Sub-Squadrons, we can support this quite naturally.
Just like our members, you would be able to set up & promote your Squad and its activities within our internal forums, giving you acess to- and support from a larger playerbase. Likewise, you could join our activities on Squadron and Division Levels.
You will not be asked to do any missions for us, other than the ones you signed up for, and are completely free to pursue your own affairs.

The only thing we ask is that you honor the affiliate rules outlined above, and will not backstab or otherwise harm LAMP and its allies.

We feel that this is a good deal, that allows you to extend your reach beyond your own numbers and get meaningful support, while allowing us to trust the people we affiliate with.

So if you are a member or affiliate of LAMP, and also with another group (of up to 50 people), it is recommended that you discuss this idea with them. As always, feel free to contact one of us in case of questions

How big is LAMP Fleet?

LAMP Fleet currently fields dozens of Capitals, hundreds of Retaliators, Constellations and Starfarers, as well as countless additional fighters and support craft.

We are an international Organisation and are distributed fairly evenly across the major timezones (America / Europe / Asia)

We are growing daily, and expect to keep our position as one of the largest and oldest guilds come launch. As a home for Capital fleet commanders and lone wolves alike there will be room for all manner of specialized sub-groups to ply their trade under our umbrella.

I don’t want to be just a number in a huge group

Since we aim to organise in a grassroots fashion, you won’t be nameless cannonfodder for some distant Leadership.

Instead, we want to provide a system where the members are running the show. You want to play with some friends in a tight knit Squadron? Set it up in LAMP and convince other members to join you on your Missions – or join bigger Operations set up by other such groups. Get to know each other.
This way, good Wingmen and Leaders will make a name for themselves. Unlike in many other guilds, Command is not something that’s bestowed upon you by a nepotistic hierarchy, but something you earn by being good at it – and can loose again if you become power crazed and start pushing people around. When you are known for being a nice, competent person, people will want to sign up for the stuff you host, or want you as a Wingman in theirs.

We see our size not as something giving more power to a select few Leaders, but as an opportunity for everyone. More people to play with, a greater variety of interests and skills and enough people online at all times even if some of us want to take a break or lonewolf for a while.

“Loose Association” sounds disorganised

Not at all. It’s not like we are going to allow shooting at each other or anything! We aren’t just a social club either.

LAMP is a proper guild, made up out of people who share the belief that you can have fun & sucess without turning the game into a second job.

With many members, both military and civilian, having good experience of managing and organizing we will have a lot of structure but will organise in a way that it is up to you how much of it you want for your own Gaming Experience. We call that concept the “Sliding Scale”.
The more you move towards Large Scale activities, requiring Org assets, or Metagaming stuff like Diplomacy & Intelligence, the more structured things become. And if you want to “run a thight ship” in regards to your own Squad or Missions, that’s fine too so long as you find people willing to sign up for that.
On the other end of the scale, nobody will complain if you just want to chill out in space with your friends.

The main point is voluntariness. Respect other peoples playstyles, and support them where you can. Some of the more leisurely players will find an interest in Combat Training, and likewise, hardcore Squads will benefit from the availability of Groups where you can just chill and recover.
We believe that this ability to rotate relatively freely between many systems will serve our Community well in the long run.

You can read more about it in the Charter.

What’s this about Pirates?

We will operate on both sides of the law, with room for members to experience every aspect of the game. There is no reason to lock ourselves out of any content when we can have multiple characters. There is room for both pirates, bounty hunters, traders and explorers here. And we expect most of us will be trying on all the different roles from time to time.

We will take whatever necessary steps needed in game to avoid our honest traders and pirates, or alien hunters and alien be-frienders, mucking up each others NPC standings. Likely, this will be done by outsourcing pirate operations to a dedicated sub-squadron.

So there will be PvP?

Oh, yes. Lots of it for those who want to. There will be plenty of boarding and mercenary work to go around.

For those among us who are afraid of loosing their ships there will be plenty of positions aboard bigger ships, where you can blast enemy spaceships all day with no risk to your own personal assets!

What about Roleplaying?

We are Roleplaying friendly, but it is not mandatory. Since in the current Org System, it is just a “Yes/No” question we went with yes, as we felt that would communicate our stance best. Feel free to embrace or ignore the Cult of Light, use it as a backdrop for your characters story or create a different narrative of your own


I-The Guilds Purpose

A light in the darkness, a flame in the void

The Purpose of this loose association of players is to provide group and social activities for every play style and at every level of engagement. For pilots of every skill and at every level of dedication. From lone wolves to co-op wingmen to capital battle-groups, from industrialists to explorers to pirates. And to provide these group and social activities without the stifling demands of hierarchy or lines of command.

As such LAMP shall not levy demands on K/D ratios, fleet participation, involuntary taxes or play style. Nor shall it institute involuntary or coerced lines of command. But rather shall be open to every player of every stripe and seek to incorporate all under the light of LAMP.

For this purpose no guild official can bind a member to do anything he has not himself signed up for. All activities are and shall remain voluntary and un-coerced, and no ill will shall befall any member for abstaining from any activity.

II-Guild Leadership

The Leadership are not kings or commanders, but rather organizers.

The Purpose and powers of the Leadership is to;
-ensure the smooth running of the guild and it’s organization
-encourage cooperation between various sub-groups
-moderate the forums
-enforce the rules by warnings or bans
-resolve disputes
-run guild diplomacy
-run intelligence/counter-intelligence
-remove inactive accounts (people who become active again are readmitted automatically)
-oversee organization and management of guild owned resources
-oversee member activities to avoid disputes and conflicts
-ensure everyone who wants to has something to do
-ensure the noobs and newbies are taken care of

-if appropriate and necessary delegate any such work to other guild members

For these purposes the Leadership has the power of negative but not positive coercion. That is, they cannot tell members to go here, shoot that, sell there. But can say don’t go here, don’t shoot that, don’t sell there. This to ensure the guilds ability to have diplomatic relations and some sense of coherency, while still maintaining the maximum amount of freedom short of anarchy.

Any one player in the leadership can take these actions, but should seek consensus for weightier ones, and his action can be overruled by a majority of the full leadership in case of an appeal from a member.

At this time the leadership consists of;


● Allgamer

● Skurkanas

● Dread Pirate Pete


● Lastof

● DrWizzard

With delegated powers

● Recruitment: Pyq / Lyeos

● Design & Propaganda: Talenin / NobleNectar

● Webdesign: Lastof / Listentome


GlenAlden Talenin Txakal Listentome NobleNectar


The rules, in their entirety:

§1: Don’t Be A Dick.

§2: If §1 is unclear, there are other guilds for you.

We believe it is possible to pvp & pirate without being a dick about it, carebear without being a dick about it, and snatch a Jump Point from under a competitors nose without being a dick about it.

Be gracious to noobs, humble in victory, noble in defeat, respectful to our enemies, helpful to strangers and guildmates alike, and you’ll be fine.

IV-The Ad-Hocracy

A member is only ever bound by his own word.

How does one organize large scale, or even small scale, operations without a hierarchy or chain of command? Our answer is to let members run themselves. Anyone can be a commander, but only bosses over as many members as he can convince to follow him. This also ensures that we don’t suffer from commanders loosing touch with the grass roots.

Any member may for any purpose (not in conflict with the good of the guild) be it military, industrial, explorational or other, create a command structure, organization, fleet, operation, or the like. The member should do so in a post explaining the purpose, details and rules of this endeavour. Such as who’s in charge, what ships to bring, how disciplined it will be, how long it will last, etc. Any player may then choose to sign up for this endeavour for a maximum of 2 weeks (after which the member is free to re-up). Once signed up the player has then subjected himself to the rules of the endeavour he has joined, and is expected to follow orders, participate on time, and in every other way fulfil his duties under the endeavour he signed up for. Failing to fulfil the duties one has volunteered for is, if severe and repeated, subject to disciplinary action by the leadership. If you’re not sure you can be counted on to show, make sure the people running the fleet knows beforehand

For the purposes of these endeavours any member may ask for the use of any guild assets, which if appropriate and proportionate should be promptly granted by leadership.

Members should strive to ensure their endeavours conform to guild culture, rules and does not clash with other guild activities. Members should also strive to include both newbies and members with different playstyles, to avoid guild fractioning or factionalism and improve the strength and understanding of the community.


Lest people call us savages!

It has been said internet spaceship democracy is dangerous, and benevolent dictatorship is the way to go in a persistent universe. We strive to let players run themselves and let leadership organize and manage without bossing around. So we’ll largely try to avoid having votes on everything. But as an extra check and balance there is the democratic veto to stop anything too crazy.

Leadership is, apart from day-to-day running of the guild also charged with the responsibility of managing diplomacy, updating the Charter, banning spies, delegating powers and their own membership.

To ensure the absence of shenanigans the following;
-Changing the Charter
-Signing Diplomatic Agreements
Shall take power after a majority vote of sitting leadership, but is for 2 weeks subject to a democratic veto in the form of 25% or more of active (having logged on to forum or game during the last 30 days) guild membership officially declaring their opposition on the forum.

In addition the membership has the power to amend the Charter and change or create any rule, with an 80% support vote of active membership. This mainly as a fail-safe against leadership gone wild, or hostile takeovers, not for everyday activities or legislating.


In LAMP wird zwar Englisch gesprochen, es gibt aber recht viele deutsch sprechende Mitglieder…

I-Zweck der Gilde

Ein Licht in der Dunkelheit, eine Flamme in der Leere!

Der Zweck dieser grundsätzlich losen Vereinigung von Spielern ist es, eine Basis für jeden Spielstil und jeden Grad von sozialer Aktivität zu schaffen, um sich zu gruppieren. Für Piloten jeder Spielstärke und auf jeder Ebene der Spielleidenschaft. Von einsamen Wölfen über Co-Op-Spieler bis hin zu kapitalen Kampfgruppen, vom Industriellen Entdecker bis zum zu Piraten. LAMP will diese Gruppen und sozialen Aktivitäten ohne die erstickende Last einer Befehlshierarchie unterstützen.

Als solches erhebt LAMP keinen Anspruch auf gute Kill/Death-Ergebnisse, Flottenteilnahmen, willkürliche Steuern oder Gebühren oder einen bestimmten Spielstil. Niemand soll gezwungen werden Befehle auszuführen. LAMP ist offen für alle Spieler aller Couleur und versucht alles unter dem einen Licht der LAMPE zu integrieren.

Zu diesem Zweck ist für kein Mitglied etwas verbindlich, es sei denn es verpflichtet sich freiwillig zur Teilnahme an einer Aktion. Alle Aktivitäten sind und bleiben freiwillig und ungezwungenen und niemand wird es einem Mitglied übel nehmen, selbst wenn dieses an keiner Aktivität der Gilde teilnimmt.


Die Gildenführung sind nicht Könige oder Feldherren, sondern Organisatoren.

Die Zwecke ihrer Befugnisse sind:
- Reibungsloses Betreiben der Gilde und deren Organisation
- Förderung der Zusammenarbeit zwischen verschiedenen Untergruppen
- Moderation der Foren
- Durchsetzung der Regeln durch Warnungen oder Sanktionen
- Bereinigung von Streitigkeiten
- Gilden-Diplomatie
- Geheimdienstliche Tätigkeiten / Spionageabwehr
- Entfernen inaktiver Accounts (Mitglieder, die wieder aktiv werden, werden automatisch wieder aufgenommen)
- Aufsicht über die Organisation und Verwaltung der Gilde eigener Ressourcen
- Überblick über die Spieleraktivitäten um Streitigkeiten und Konflikte vermeiden
- Sicherstellen, dass jeder, der etwas tun will auch etwas zu tun hat
- Sicherstellen, dass sich um Noobs und Neulinge gekümmert wird

- Falls angemessen und erforderlich können solche Aufgaben auch auf andere Gildenmitglieder übertragen werden.

Zu diesem Zwecke verfügt die Gildenführung über das Instrument der passiven, nicht aber der aktiven Weisungsgewalt. Das heißt, sie kann Mitgliedern nicht vorschreiben, sich zu einem bestimmten Punkt zu bewegen, hier auf etwas zu schießen oder dort etwas zu verkaufen. Aber sie kann verlangen, einem Ort fernzubleiben, hier nicht zu schießen oder dort nicht zu verkaufen. Dies ermöglicht der Gilde diplomatischen Beziehungen mit anderen Gilden und trägt dazu bei ein Gefühl der Geschlossenheit zu bewahren unter Beibehaltung der maximalen Freiheit, kurz der Anarchie.

Jeder Spieler in der Führung verfügt über diese Befugnisse, sollte aber für gewichtigere Entscheidungen den Konsens suchen. Entscheidungen können im Falle einer Mitgliederbeschwerde von der Gildenführung revidiert werden, falls eine Mehrheit in der Gildenführung der Revision zustimmt.

Die derzeitige Gildenführung:
- SysOps & Mods des Gildenforums

Mitglieder mit übertragenen Befugnissen:
(Hier werden Sub-Mods, Kommandeure der gildeneigenen Schiffe, Neuling-Koordinatoren und anderen Posten zu finden sein)

Verdiente Mitglieder:
(Hier wird denjenigen Mitgliedern Anerkennungen zu Teil, die bedeutende Beiträge für die Gilde, das Spiel und die Spielfreude unser Mitglieder leisten (Medaillen und Titel)


Die Regeln in ihrer Gesamtheit.

§ 1: Sei kein Arsch.

§ 2: Wenn an § 1 etwas unklar sein sollte, dann gibt es andere Gilden für Dich.

Sei gnädig zu Noobs, bescheiden im Sieg, edel in der Niederlage, respektvoll im Umgang mit unseren Gegnern, hilfsbereit zu Fremden und Gildenmitglieder gleichermaßen, und alles wird gut.


Ein Mitglied ist immer nur durch sein eigenes Wort gebunden.

Wie organisiert man in großem Maßstab, oder sogar in kleinem, Operationen ohne eine Hierarchie oder Befehlskette? Unsere Antwort lautet: Lasse die Mitglieder es einfach machen. Jeder kann ein Kommandant sein, aber nur über so viele Mitglieder wie er überzeugen kann, ihm zu folgen. Damit ist auch sichergestellt, dass wir nicht unter Kommandanten leiden und den Kontakt zu unseren Wurzeln verlieren.

Jedes Mitglied kann für jedwelchen Zweck (solange dies nicht in Konflikt zum Wohl der Gilde steht), sei es militärisch, industriell, wissenschaftlich oder ein anderer, eine Befehlsstruktur, Organisationen, Flotten, den Betrieb oder dergleichen gründen und betreiben. Das Mitglied sollte in einem Beitrag seine Absichten, die Details und Regeln dieses Unterfangen erläutern. Ebenso wer wofür zuständig ist, welche Schiffe notwendig sind, wieviel Disziplin von Nöten sein wird, wie lange es dauern wird, usw. Jeder Spieler kann dann entscheiden, ob er sich diesem Unterfangen für längstens 2 Wochen verpflichtet. Nach dieser Zeit steht es dem Mitglied frei, sich erneut für das Vorhaben einzuschreiben. Sobald sich der Spieler zu einem Vorhaben angemeldet hat, hat er den Regeln des Vorhabens Folge zu leisten und es wird erwartet, dass Befehle befolgt werden und jede Aufgabe erfüllt wird, zu der sich das Mitglied mit seiner Unterschrift verpflichtete. Eine Missachtung selbstauferlegter freiwilliger Verpflichtungen führen im schweren Fall und im Wiederholungsfall zu disziplinarischen Maßnahmen durch die Gildenführung. Wenn Du nicht sicher bist, ob Du an einem Vorhaben teilnehmen kannst, für das Du Dich eingeschrieben hattest, sorge dafür dass die Flotte es weiß.

Zum Zwecke solcher Vorhaben kann jedes Gildenmitglied die Nutzung von Gildeneigentum erbitten und wenn sie angemessen und verhältnismäßig ist, wird sie kurzfristig durch die Gildenführung gewährt werden.

Die Mitglieder sollten sich darum bemühen, dass ihre Vorhaben der Gildenkultur und –Regeln entsprechen und nicht mit anderen Aktivitäten der Gilde kollidieren. Die Mitglieder sollten sich auch bemühen Querelen zu vermeiden und so die Stärke der Gemeinde und das Gruppenverständnis zu stärken. Sowohl Neulinge als auch alte Hasen mit ganz unterschiedlichen Spielweisen gehören zur Gilde.


Damit uns keiner Wilde nennt!

Es wird behauptet, Raumschiff-Demokratie im Internet sei gefährlich und eine wohlwollende Diktatur der richtige Weg für eine Gilde im Star Citizen Universum. Wir dagegen sind bemüht, den Spielern freien Lauf zu lassen und die Gildenführung ohne Chefgehabe zu gestalten. So werden wir versuchen, Bevormundungen weitestgehend zu vermeiden. Als zusätzliche Kontrolle und Ausgleichsmöglichkeit bleibt zudem noch das demokratische Veto um alles zu verrückte zu stoppen.

Zur Gildenführung gehört, abgesehen vom Tagesgeschäft, auch Diplomatie, die Aktualisierung dieser Charta, die Spionageabwehr, das Übertragung von Befugnissen und ihre eigene Mitgliedschaft.

Entscheidungen zu den folgenden Punkten werden mehrheitlich innerhalb der Gildenführung getroffen:
- Änderung dieser Charta
- Unterzeichen diplomatischer Vereinbarungen
- Sperren von Mitgliedern
- Übertragung von Befugnissen

Gildenmitglieder haben aber die Möglichkeit innerhalb von 2 Wochen nach der Entscheidung der Gildenführung ihr Veto einzulegen. Sprechen wenigstens 25 % der aktiven Gildenmitglieder (aktiv bedeutet innerhalb der letzten 30 Tage hier oder bei Star Citizen eingeloggt) offiziell ihr Veto aus, so gilt diese Entscheidung der Gildenführung als gegenstandslos und nichtig.

Zusätzlich verfügen die Mitglieder über das Recht, die Charta zu ändern bzw. eine Regel zu ändern oder zu erstellen, wenn dies von wenigstens 80% der aktiven Mitglieder unterstützt wird. Dies Verfahren ist vor allem als Rückversicherung gegen duchgeknallte Mitglieder der Gildenführung und als Schutz vor feindlicher Übernahmen eingerichtet, nicht für die täglichen Aktivitäten oder die allgemeine Gesetzgebung.