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Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy / LION

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  • Exploration

The mission of the Navy is to inspire, acquire and prepare battle-worthy Space Forces capable of ending wars, deterring aggression and maintaining Banu, Human, Tevarin, and Xi’An freedom throughout the stars.

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SPRING 2438 – First Interstellar Peace and Trade Accord.

2610 – End of the Second Tevarin War.

2789 – United Earth and Xi’An Empire Peace Accord.

2800 – The Ark is built; Banu, Human, Tevarin, and Xi’An convene.

FALL 2833 – Synthworld Supply Group Delta is ambushed by a Vanduul strike force. The Vanduul were subdued by a civilian ship, the Lionheart.

SPRING 2909 – Veteran UEE Commodore Septimus Goodman retires from service and dedicates his life to create a peacekeeping force.

SUMMER 2921 – The Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy becomes active. The Navy conforms to Interstellar Law, and is recognized as a legal paramilitary entity by the Banu Protectorate, the United Empire of Earth, and the Xi’An Empire.


The L.I.O.N. Honor Creed
  • I am a L.I.O.N. Officer. I will speak only truth, for I am a member of other lives.
  • I am a L.I.O.N. Officer. I will strengthen in justice and become an example.
  • I am a L.I.O.N. Officer. I will seek clean hands and a pure heart.

The L.I.O.N. Battle Cry: ¡Ad Omnia Vitae! (“For All Life!”)


I. Identity

L.I.O.N. Officers are part of the cement that holds the known galaxy together. They serve life.

L.I.O.N. Officers are pure of heart and action. They fight to protect every life-form in the universe.

L.I.O.N. Officers are not bound by gravity. They embrace space, so that others can be free.

II. Alliances

The Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy currently holds an alliance or non-aggression pact with the following organisations:

Interstellar Chilean Corporation / Corporación Interstelar Chile
Orange Rose Corp

III. Membership

In addition to independent applicants, almost any lawful organization can fit into the structure of L.I.O.N.

Organizations comprised of explorers, traders, operatives, squadrons, and warship fleets are assigned a myriad of roles and duties by the Navy High Command Council to keep the peace and protect the known universe through select activities, missions, and campaigns. Sometimes, they are consolidated into an additional Navy Space Fleet.

Currently, only the Navy 1st Space Fleet is in active service.

IV. Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy Roles

L.I.O.N. Logistics Corps Personnel participate in a wide range of cargo transport activities.
L.I.O.N. Intelligence Corps Personnel carry the burden of gathering and protecting information.
L.I.O.N. Fighter Corps Personnel maintain security in the known galaxy.
L.I.O.N. Exploration Corps Personnel command Navy warships and exploration vessels.

V. Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy Rank Tiers

Flag Officers [Rank Level Five]
Senior Officers [Rank Level Four]
Junior Officers [Rank Level Three]
Warrant Officers [Rank Level Two]
Petty Officers [Rank Level One]
Reserve Officers [Rank Level Zero]

VI. Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy Combined Members Roster

Go here to view the up to date roster

VII. Lawful Interstellar Operations Navy Miscellaneous Responsibilities

Navy High Command – Plan, organize, lead, and control L.I.O.N. activities throughout the universe. (FOUNDER)
Navy Intelligence – Handle internal affairs in the Navy. (OFFICER)
Navy Recruitment – Seek out future Navy Officers. (RECRUITER)
Navy Outreach – Promote the Navy and facilitate external communication. (MARKETING)