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“This will not be an easy fight. It will cost us—in resources, in credits, in lives. Some of you may be asking, ‘Why undertake such a thing?’ and I—I can tell you in one word: VICTORY!

- Admiral Bishop (Emergency Session Senate Speech) October 10, 2945.


We started this organization with Streamers and a group of like minded Friends who want to focus on every aspect the game has to offer, and have a great time doing it! We do operations into the deep blue, map unknown territories, explore all that is available, and influence local UEE space.

Come be a part of our epic journey today!

You got a job? We can do it, and don’t much care what it is… we’re known for that.



Lost Light Society’s (LST) mode of focus will be based on all aspects of gameplay; an all encompassing Organization. We aim to create a family environment in the game, essentially a group of great people to always get online with. No mission is too big or too small, and we intend to tackle everything in the Verse. We are currently developing departments for all Star Citizen jobs, so there is a place for everyone in our organization!

If you’re thinking about joining, and want to check some of our members out before you join, check out these great streamers on twitch:









1) Don’t be a Dick!

2) Keep conversations civil.

3) If you have issues with someone bring it up with HR: LiytAce

4) We /FLEX3 as one! If they have a problem with one of us, they NOW have a problem with all of us! We stand together, We fall together.

5) Don’t be toxic! Remember, this is a game, and we’re here to have fun.

We honor those who shared the vision, who dared to believe, when it was just a dream and a promise. -Imperato Costigan, 2942