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  • Corporation
  • Hardcore
  • Role play
  • Exclusive
  • Piracy
  • Security

Interested in being part of the MATADORS Corporation?

The MATADORS Corporation is looking to recruit citizens to take part in PIRACY, SECURITY, and MARAUDING.




In the cosmic abyss, the saga of “The Matadors” unfolds, a narrative steeped in defiance and resilience. Their roots trace back to disillusioned settlers from an overburdened Earth, eager for liberation. Under the command of the formidable John Hunter, a direct descendant of the fearsome Blackbeard, they embarked on an exodus to Mars in the late 21st century, driven by a collective cry for freedom. This call sparked a massive migration, known as the “Mars Rush” of the 2090s.

Upon Mars, the Matadors carved out a realm of fierce autonomy. Rebelling against the tightening grip of regulations, they forged a subterranean sanctuary within the Martian caves. Here, they harnessed the planet’s abundant resources for sustenance and energy, remaining aloof from the terraforming endeavors and the intrusive meddling of Earth’s corporate entities.

The Mars Tragedy of 2125, a catastrophe of epic proportions, saw the Matadors among the scant survivors. Yet, in the aftermath, their existence was refuted, their history obliterated. Dismissed as nonentities, they faced scorn and skepticism. Undeterred, they ventured through the inaugural jump point to Croshaw in 2271, only to confront familiar patterns of oppression and erasure.

By 2309, the Matadors had adopted a life of stellar nomadism, emulating their seafaring ancestors in navigating the celestial expanse. Their transient settlements across new star systems stood as emblems of their indomitable spirit. Yet, they faced escalating constraints from the United Nations’ successor on Earth, challenging their freedom.

The year 2617 marked a crucial turning point under the leadership of Maipe Reynolds. Initially open to outsiders, Maipe soon recognized the corrosive effects of external influences. Acts of betrayal and subversion, aimed at diluting the Matadors’ core principles, called for drastic measures. In 2618, a relentless purge ensued, led by Maipe and his devoted followers. The most striking moment of this purge was the icy expulsion of a betrayer into the emptiness of space, a stark symbol of their ruthless resolve.

Following this purge, the Matadors transformed into a symbol of dread and reverence. Their legend for unmerciful and precise assaults grew, solidifying their status as an unstoppable force, unyielding to external pressures or manipulation. They rose as a formidable power in the galaxy, simultaneously feared and admired.

Over the years, various forces attempted to dismantle the Matadors, either through direct confrontation or internal subterfuge. A notable attempt in 2948 backfired, only fortifying the resolve of the Matadors’ loyalists, who had sworn the Blood-Pact Oath and evolved into zealous guardians of their creed. This event fueled a deeper aversion towards any government loyalists, leading to relentless pursuits to eradicate any remnants of opposition, driving them into obscurity like vermin in the shadows.

In the current era, the Matadors stand as bastions of strength and self-reliance, their chronicle interwoven into the fabric of the cosmos. Their legacy is one of defiance, a stark reminder that in the boundless expanse of space, the determination of a few can withstand the pressures of the many. Unfettered wanderers, their odyssey continues as a testament to the enduring spirit of those who refuse to yield to conformity or control. Their journey is not just a path through the stars, but a relentless pursuit of sovereignty and identity in an ever-expansive and challenging universe.



We are a committed group of pirates, traders, and pilots working across the universe to advance our interests. New solar systems, natural resources, and technological advances are in our reach, emerging from new worlds and humanoid species we encounter. We look to exploit these new discoveries as prospects for more business and raid opportunities. Our intent is to have an enjoyable and immersive experience to take ourselves to the far reaches of our universe and explore the final frontier, capture a capital ship, or escort a high value individual to a specific location, whatever it is your heart desires you can achieve in the Matadors. This group is built upon a strong comradery and battle born brotherhood with strong ties to their origin and history resounding throughout the universe.


The MATADORS are a relentless corporation, with a main focus on Piracy, Security details and Black market trade throughout the verse. Although Piracy, Security, and Black market trade is our primary focus we are also involved in exploration, mining, building, research, repair and salvage these roles are also available. Our motives are simple, PROFIT, whether it be through less than legal trade, or capturing cargo vessels.


Our intentions are mainly profit oriented to exercise our freedom. We will be targeting trade routes and mining colony’s in specific for black market trade. We believe that successful companies are open, honest and accountable. That is why trained corporation representatives are at our disposal can resolve any conflict before it escalates. While autonomy in choice of business opportunities is our first priority we urge our members to never get caught, when engaging in less than legal activities. The Matadors strive to build the utmost trust in our customers, our contacts and our employees, one system at a time.


We provide personal security escorts across the verse and we are also the forefront of underground black market trading. Services include but are not limited to: Smuggling, Piracy, Capture, Bounty, Security, Trade and so on. Our safety record is unmatched throughout the universe, and the safety of you or your or cargo is of our utmost importance. We take care of all of our affiliates, this is shown in the unmatched security and defense measures we put in place to ensure you or your cargo gets to its destination safety. All trade routes running through dangerous territory are guarded by military grade equipment and experts to ensure the health and wellbeing of the crew and cargo at any time.




Corporate rules of the MATADORS are as follows:

1. We are a Team. All members of the MATADORS will contribute a percentage to the corporation. Our reward system gives fair payment and quarterly bonuses for all ranks. This helps pay for the ships that support you, from refueling and repairs, Reclaimers, and Bombers to our Capital Javelins and IDRIS.

2. It will be a requirement to participate in a minimum of operations and security detail during the week depending on the rank.

3. As an organisation we attend a fair amount of real-life meetups & community events, it is not a requirement to attend these events but everyone who makes the effort has a really great time.

4. Our organisation is comprised of many intelligent & successful individuals so a high standard of respect & maturity is required.

5. We like to pilot our ships, wander around, and have fun. What’s the point of freedom if you can’t enjoy it? However. During Missions, you must listen to your ranking officer. Our corporation is a militarised structure and must be respected as such.

6. Recruits will be on probation for a minimum of 1 month before consideration of rank. This will be based on all aspects of activity, whether it’s the discord, in-game, or otherwise.

7. All available MATADORS are required to defend the capital ships if they are under attack, this is non-negotiable.