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The Mongrel Auxiliaries / MONGRELAUX

  • Syndicate
  • Casual
  • Piracy
  • Freelancing

The Mongrel Auxiliaries are the reserve force for Mongrel Squad. Together, they plunder and pillage their way across the galaxy, taking what they want and giving nothing back.


Who’s asking?


The Mongrel Auxiliaries are a group of casual gamers who are dedicated to having fun and succeeding as pirates in Star Citizen. As the reserve pirate organization for Mongrel Squad, we are poised to provide support for piracy operations with combat ready players when required.

Outside of joint operations with Mongrel Squad we also run events that facilitate a more casual approach to piracy in Star Citizen.

If you’re interested in joining us, the drop an application in for this organisation and join on Mongrel Squad’s Public Guilded server!


Code of Conduct

We expect all members to respect each other and to refrain from any disruptive behavior to each other. Anyone caught being malicious to others will be removed

The Mongrel Auxiliaries are a team, and we expect all members to work together towards our common goals.

We encourage open and honest communication among all members. However the discussion of topics that are divisive, like religion and politics are not to be discussed on any of the communication platforms that The Mongrel Auxiliaries are on

Participation in events
We encourage all Auxiliaries to participate in organized events though event participation is not mandatory to be a member

Listen to the leaders instructions during piracy ops and training sessions
Any event that you attend you’re expected to follow the directions of the team leader and not be disruptive to the running of the event.

Farming salt in chat is not permitted
We do not condone farming salt in chat, especially from the victims of our piracy operations. There is no need when there are so many more targets to pirate!

Stream sniping is not permitted
There is no argument that can be given for justifying it. No one in this org is to be watching streams for the purposes of sniping players in game or for providing accurate and up to date information on what a potential target is doing in game. There is no skill in doing this and it takes away from developing our capabilities as a pirate organisation. It also makes you look weak and incompetent, requiring a crutch like watching someone’s stream in order to beat/pirate them. We are better than that.

Using known exploits to gain an unfair advantage is not permitted
If an exploit is known to give us an unfair advantage, then no one in the org should be using them. The only time that it is permissible to use any exploit is for the purposes of testing for reporting. We do not develop tactics, techniques or procedures around using exploits as they diminish the quality of our skill set. We do not need to use exploits to overcome issues in Star Citizen, especially when doing piracy operations.


Membership in The Mongrel Auxiliaries is open to anyone who is interested in being a pirate in a casual organization that has ties to one of the most notorious pirate organizations in the Star Citizen Community.

Disciplinary action

Any member found to be in violation of the code of conduct will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including removal from the group.

These rules and expectations can and will be updated as necessary.