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Mongrel Squad / MONGRELSQD

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Mongrel Squad is an Internationally crewed pirate Star Citizen organisation that specializes in high risk ship/cargo acquisitions. Get to know us by joining our public Guilded server here.



April 1st:

Swindled 26 billion aUEC

Members of Mongrel Squad responded to a “Call to Arms” by an individual who wanted to help the SC community “rise up” against piracy. Instead they paid a collective total of 26 Billion aUEC to one of the most notorious pirate organizations to date Anti-Piracy meme .



Star Marine tutorial competition winners

Mongrel Squad answered the call for the creation of a tutorial that would teach new players how to get into Star Marine. Using our extensive knowledge and experience we blew the competition away with our video; . We also received an honorable mention for our Arena Commander tutorial; .

New years eve:

Operation Black-out at Grim Hex Bar

  • Lives lost: none
  • Casualties: dignity


The 263 Turf Wars

The Battle of Security Post Kareah

One of the major battles of the 263 Turf Wars that Mongrel Squad was in, was a battle for supremacy at Security Post Kareah. Outnumbered two to one, Mongrel Squad successfully engaged and destroyed their opponents without any losses.

The Battle of Grim Hex

The decisive victory for the Turf Wars. Mongrel Squad successfully pushed their opponents back to Grim Hex where, after a pitched and heated battle, they were able to successfully annihilate their opponents causing devastating losses in equipment, manpower and morale to the point their opponents disengaged from all out war.


Mongrel Squad is an international pirate organisation whose focus is high risk ship/cargo acquisitions. We’re dedicated to becoming disciplined combatants, master strategists and tacticians that use the latest aggressive ‘negotiation’ techniques to achieve our mission goals.

The primary goal is to have fun playing Star Citizen, whilst maintaining a level of organisation and structure that enables us to succeed in difficult situations that casual organisations would fail in.

We value loyal, dedicated and motivated members who are not afraid to get their hands dirty.

We conduct regular events both during the week and on weekends for our members to participate in and display our piracy hits on our Youtube channel

If you have any questions contact us via our Guilded server (links in the description above) and if you like what you see then feel free to apply to join and one of our recruitment officers will get in touch with you.


These are the rules and expectations as set by the org leader.

Follow directions
First and foremost, you’re joining me, I’m not joining you. This is my organisation, I’m the man with the plan and if you like what you see feel free to sign up. I’ll listen and take on board what my members will say but, I’m the one who will be setting the actual direction for the organisation. So you need to be prepared to follow the direction that is set.

Have a pledge package for Star Citizen
Mongrel Squad is a Star Citizen organisation so you need to have a pledge package for Star Citizen the game to be a member of Mongrel Squad. Having Squadron 42 is not necessary, but you need to have a Star Citizen pledge package at the minimum. You also need to have the game installed and up to date to participate in our weekly events.

Treat others how you want to be treated
I expect everyone in Mongrel Squad is to treat each other with respect, I don’t mind a bit of mucking around so long as it doesn’t become malicious. Anyone caught being malicious to any other member within Mongrel Squad will be answering to me as to why they should be allowed to stay as a member.

Participate in our events
If someone has taken the time to organise an event, you should be making the utmost effort to participate in it. It also helps build comradeship within the organisation.

Communicate and be social with other members
We currently use Guilded. Everyone needs to have a mic and be able to use it. I understand people being shy to start off with, you don’t need to talk all of the time, but I want to be able to actually talk to my members and hear their replies. By all means mute the server if it’s too intrusive, but please do not mute the @everyone or your regional group as important information regarding training, events or org info is posted regularly.

Politics and/or Religion are not to be discussed on any of the org’s communication platforms
We live in a world full of people who have differences of opinion on a wide variety of topics, but none so divisive as Politics and Religion. Due to the high potential of such discussions devolving into toxic arguments, the discussion of Politics and/or religion is not permitted to be discussed in any of the org’s communication platforms.

Talk to the officers via DM on Guilded privately if something comes up
We understand this is a game and real life issues/demands can and do happen. You joined an active organisation and so it is only fair to every other member that others are active too. All communications will be kept private.

Listen to the leaders instructions during piracy ops and training sessions
This is to ensure proper information is clearly announced to all members in attendance.

Run the ship loadouts we designate when operating with the org
For piracy to succeed, we need to synergize our group and this includes the ships that we use when we’re out operating. Running any old build does not work for the level we work at and it is the responsibility for every member to ensure they’re running the latest builds that the org designates for piracy. Outside of org operations, run what you want.

Stream sniping is not permitted
There is no argument that can be given for justifying it. No one in this org is to be watching streams for the purposes of sniping players in game or for providing accurate and up to date information on what a potential target is doing in game. There is no skill in doing this and it takes away from developing our capabilities as a pirate organisation. It also makes Mongrel Squad look weak and incompetent, requiring a crutch like watching someone’s stream in order to beat/pirate them. We are better than that.

Using known exploits to gain an unfair advantage is not permitted
If an exploit is known to give us an unfair advantage, like Call bugging a player to get a marker to their position, then no one in the org should be using them. The only time that it is permissible to use any exploit is for the purposes of testing for reporting. We do not develop tactics, techniques or procedures around using exploits as they diminish the quality of our skill set. We do not need to use exploits to overcome issues in Star Citizen, especially when doing piracy operations.

Org exclusive
Mongrel Squad is to be your main org on your main account

What this means is that the account that you play the most on, is the one that is a member of this org. You’re not permitted to be a member or affiliate of any other org on this account outside of The Mongrel Corps. If you have multiple accounts, you will need to declare them to us and what you intend to do with them along with any orgs that you have joined on those alt accounts.

Once you are a full member you are permitted to join any of the sister orgs in The Mongrel Corps as an affiliate. Your membership status can either be hidden or redacted, but you must not show that you’re an affiliate of any of them on your RSI profile

No member of Mongrel Squad is permitted to be a member of another pirate org on any of their alt accounts.

If any of your alt accounts are a member of a PMC, security or bounty hunter group, then you will be expected to declare them and their relationship to you. Be prepared to drop them if we believe it’s a conflict of interest.

There is only one other org outside of The Mongrel Corps that members are permitted to be a part of on their main account and that is Evocati Test Flight.
  • Mongrel Squad is to be set as the members Main Org and is to remain redacted on the RSI website.
  • ETF affiliation is to be set to hidden
These rules and expectations can and will be updated as necessary.

That said, I’m not here to lord over my members. This is just so you know where you stand from the start. A lot of time and effort will go into various parts of this organisation, from doing website admin to running in game events. Mongrel Squad is going to have a particular way that things will run. If you are more of a casual type player, then we’re probably not the organisation for you