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The Mothership Connection / MOTHERSHIP

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Well, all right, Starchild
Citizens of the universe, recording angels
We have returned to claim the pyramids
Partying on the mothership
I am the mothership connection


Well, all right, Starchild
Citizens of the universe, recording angels
We have returned to claim the pyramids
Partying on the mothership
I am the mothership connection

Gettin’ down in 3D, light year groovin’
All right, hear any noise
Ain’t nobody but me and the boys
Gettin’ down, hit it fellas

If you hear any noise
It’s just me and the boys
Hit me, you gotta hit the band

All right, all right, starchild here

Put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip
And come on up to the Mothership
Loose booty, doin’ the bump
Hustle on over here

Ain’t nothing but a party, y’all

Face it even your memory banks
Have forgotten this funk
Mothership connection
Home of the p. funk, the bomb

Doin’ it in 3D

Let me put on my sunglasses here
So I can see what I’m doing

When you hear seats rumble
You will hear your conscience grumble
Hit me, you gotta hit the band
You have overcome for I am here

Swing down, sweet chariot
Stop and let me ride
Swing down, sweet chariot
Stop and let me ride

Are you hip to Easter Island?
The Bermuda Triangle?
Well, all right
Ain’t nothing but a party

Starchild here, citizens of the universe
I bring forth to you
The good time on the mothership
Are you hip? Sing, fellas

Starchild here, doin’ it in 3D
So good, it’s good to me
Hit the band

Swing low, sweet chariot
Coming forth to carry you home

Swing low, time to move on
Light years in time, ahead of our time
Free your mind and come fly
With me, it’s hip on the mothership groovin’


The Mothership Connection is a social org dedicated to connecting players with each other.

Being a social org, this means we are a central gathering place for like-minded people to find each other, connect, and have fun. Have questions? Just ask one of our officers and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction. Play by yourself, play with a group, or even just hang out in chat or something. We really don’t care, as long as you’re not being a total shit. Just relax, have fun, and get your funk on!

This Is Not a Role-Playing Org

Not that we have any problems with role-playing, or with anyone in the org choosing to role-play as a part of their Star Citizen experience; on the contrary, do whatever you want.

What this means is, the whole “P-Funk/Mothership” thing is really just a theme for how the org is structured.

In other words, it’s not like we’re planning on running around in-game holding dance parties or something (although, you never know…). We really just wanted a unique theme to grab people’s attention and get them interested, so this is the one we chose. You don’t have to like Parliament, or even Funk music in general, to be a member. We’re all just here to have fun.

WTF is P-Funk, Anyways?

If you’re interested in learning more, here are some websites you can check out:

A history of Funk.
A history of Parliament.
The P-Funk Mythology.
A YouTube playlist of Some Slick P-Funk Songs.
Some other Funky Shit.

Org Ranks

Dr. Funkenstein
The Atomic Dog. The one and only founder.

Funkapi have all of the same roles and abilities that the founder has, with the exception that the founder will always control the org unless they one day decide to hand over the reins. These people speak and act on behalf of the founder and org when the founder isn’t around.

Phunklords and Afronauts are the “officers” of the org. These individuals have some roles, but not all. A leadership role within the org.

This is the baseline rank for everyone added to the org, once we’ve allowed for enough time to determine that they aren’t Sir Nose d’Voidoffunk (ie. someone who isn’t a good fit with the org). TBD whether or not this rank will have the ability to invite others into the org.

This is the initial rank upon entry into the org; what some orgs might refer to as the “trash” rank. Don’t worry, we’ll try to get you promoted as quickly as possible; this is really just a placeholder for new people added to the org so that we can weed out anyone who isn’t a good fit with the org. Please try not to complain or pester us to promote you more quickly, or it’ll probably just end up taking longer.

Is This the Only Org I Can Join?

You can join any org you want as far as we’re concerned, and Star Citizen will allow you to be a part of or affiliate with multiple orgs. If you are looking for additional orgs to join – particularly an org with a specific focus – here are links to a few orgs run by Mothership members that you might be interested in joining:

(click on the name of an org to visit their web page)

Port Olisar Hippie Coalition –
From their web page: The Olisar Hippie Coalition is a collection of Independent Captains of all variety. Our main goal is to be a trusted Neutral party that is willing to provide certain legitimate services that more official or legal groups would not provide to certain groups.

Org Activities

Org activities will be posted in the org’s forums and/or chat as they become scheduled. Talk to an officer if you have questions.


The Rules

  • No griefers
  • No threats of actual violence
  • No racists/bigots/misogynists
  • No using the org to conduct illegal activity
  • No spam
  • No edgelords
  • No activity that is against the CIG terms of service
  • No being a total shit
  • We reserve the right to change, remove, or add to the rules at any time, and enforce these changes unfairly or retroactively
  • If you can’t do it in the CIG forums or chat, you probably won’t be able to do it in our forums or chat
  • If you’re not sure, ask first

Sobriety (or lack thereof)

We don’t really care if you want to get drunk or fucked-up or whatever and then play the game, but if you can’t handle your shit, don’t be surprised if there’s negative consequences as a result. It’s allowed, but if you’re being a total shit, that’s on you.

Joining Other Orgs

Join whatever org you want. However, other orgs set their own rules, so keep that in mind if you decide to join or affiliate with other orgs.


Under some circumstances, it may be okay for you to sell, advertise, or promote stuff via the org. However, please ask an officer before doing so to avoid any unnecessary unpleasantness.

Sensitive Topics

Talk about whatever you want in chat (as long as it confirms with the aforementioned rules), but keep in mind that some topics are very sensitive and might get shut down if they get out of hand. Examples include politics, race, religion, or other hot-button issues.

Just relax and have fun and everything should be cool.