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Roberts Space Industries ®

Odyssey in Aeternum / ODIA

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Role play
  • Exploration
  • Security

The everlasting journey of discovery and experience


Exploration has always lead to discovery, be it scientific, military, or technology, someone has always taken the leap into a new idea. We were founded on the teachings of those greats who came before us. Alan VonCleif, and his partners concluded one day that to move forward in life, one needs to discover what it truly means to be an innovator, a driver, a motivator. He drove forward, constantly looking back to remind him of the trials that laid ahead. Edison tried over a thousand times to make the lightbulb, after each failure, something was learned, and applied to the next iteration. My great great grandfather strives to push the limits and continue forward. his legacy in mind, Our Odyssey is eternal, infinite, and with no set goal, we can only better ourselves.


Exploration has always had a role in our lives, even if minuscule to some. The universe is infinite, new worlds are just beyond the veil. We aim to pierce the Veil, cross the event horizon and lay a foundation for those to follow. Our fleet, competent, our people, the best, our mission, everlasting.


Articles of Incorporation of Odyssey In Aeternum, The undersigned incorporator of Odyssey in Aeternum, adopts the following articles of Incorporation.

Article I Name
The name of the Corporation is Odyssey In Aeternum

Article II Duration
The period of this corporation’s duration is indefinate

Article III Purpose The purpose for which this corporation is organized is to conduct any and all lawful business for which corporations can be organized pursuant to UEE statutes but is not limited to
  • Exploration of any territory not claimed by the UEE or other government body
  • Claiming of territory not associated by the UEE or other Government body
  • Persecuting and administering judgment on those who wrong us

Article IV Powers
The corporation has power to engaged in any lawful activity under the umbrella of the greater UEE and its constituents

Article V Initial Registered Agent
The name of the Individual register agent is Scott VonCleif

Article VI Statement of Acceptance by Registered Agent
I Scott VonCleif, hereby acknowledge that the undersigned individual or Corporation accepts the appointment as the initial registered agent of Odyssey In Aeternum