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The Ordo Imperialis is a military inspired and structured gaming community of almost a decade of experience, founded to provide organization, teamwork, loyalty and dedication; both in and out of battle across several games. Visit our website for more.



The Ordo Imperialis was founded in 2005 to provide a like minded, military style, combat environment utilizing teamwork, tactics, specializations, development, organization and structure. Now expanding its reaches it has opened its doors to other galaxies, providing a fun, friendly atmosphere where members can find anything they need in today’s gaming.



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RSI Recruitement Thread


The Ordo Imperialis is a paramilitary organization. It follows a military structure and has a council of leadership at the top that makes the major decisions for the group. However, the voices of the members of the organization are not ignored and contribute heavily in the decision making process.


Our main goal is to create a reputable mercenary organization that is well known for its efficiency, reliability, and effectiveness.

We will provide armed security, escort, tactical logistics, covert operations, and strategic privateering services under contract for organizations or groups who wish to pay for such services. We strive to grow our member base, expand our military potential to where, if someone has the funds, they could have their goals and objectives achieved with it.


We are looking for creative individuals who wish to join a group who wishes to make their mark in the universe though teamspeak, loyalty and integrity.

We are looking for the following…

  • Pilots specializing in space superiority roles
  • Pilots specializing logistics transport roles
  • Soldiers specializing ground combat tactics
  • Soldiers specializing in ship boarding tactics
  • Trainers specializing in development of space superiority tactics
  • Personal specializing logistical management
  • Personal specializing in combat leadership

What we offer…

The Ordo Imperialis as much to offer but key points are highlighted

  • Experienced leadership
  • Mature environment
  • Opportunities of advancement
  • Roleplaying friendly environment.
  • Multi-game environment
  • Dedicated website, forums, Teamspeak 3

What we ask of you

  • Work together with others
  • Be active on the forums
  • TS3 presence during operations. Mic is not required but highly recommended.
  • Following standards of conduct
  • Following established Rules of engagement.
  • Last but never least, to have fun

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The Ordo Imperialis follows a standard community guideline to provide a solid and professional environment.

Standard of Authority

It is necessary to adhere to the orders of personnel in enumerated positions of leadership. Furthermore, commissioned officers shall bear the explicit right to create additional policy or provide the necessary extension of authority for another individual to create policy.

Standard of Brotherhood

It shall be the expectation that members of the Ordo Imperialis support other members of the Ordo Imperialis against the actions or accusations of outsiders. It shall not be acceptable to aid or abet others in seeking the detriment of another Ordo member.

Standard of Respect

Members of the Ordo Imperialis must afford all individuals, whether another Ordo member or not, appropriate reverence and politeness. It shall not be acceptable to demean or attack others in a malicious manner.

Standard of Integrity

All members of the Ordo Imperialis shall be expected to exhibit sound integrity in all interactions. This includes, but is not limited to exercising sound decision making and exhibiting honesty.

Standard of Order

To maintain civility and a professional atmosphere, members of the Ordo Imperialis shall be subject to a system of justice. Although variance will exist based upon severity of infraction, most events shall be afforded three stages of action: informal warning, formal reprimand, and expulsion.

Standard of Information

It shall be the responsibility of every member of the Ordo Imperialis to ensure information intended for privileged access to Ordo members shall remain accessible only by Ordo members. Additionally, all personnel are expected to maintain a general sense of understanding of ongoing actions by routinely reading any publications within the group.

Standard of Communication

The Ordo Imperialis provides multiple avenues of communication with other members. All of these areas, unless otherwise excepted by enumerated personnel, are intended for use by only Ordo membership and respected allies.

Standard of Community

To ensure a proper atmosphere, discussion within the Ordo Imperialis should be pertinent and within scope: controversial topics (such as religion and politics) are not permitted within any venue, unless in a reasonably private area with unanimous agreement from all present parties. Furthermore, all elements of conduct by the Ordo shall not exceed a general rating of PG-13.

Standard of Allegiance

The Ordo Imperialis generally does not and will not prohibit any individual, except commissioned officers, from participating in other communities. However, the Ordo shall expect that members of the group do not participate in other community groups directly opposed to any Ordo interest.

For more information or if you are interested in applying. The following information is provided

Website || Forums || Twitter || Facebook || Google+ || Steam || || Youtube