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Roberts Space Industries ®

Outer Reach and Mining Research / ORMR

  • Corporation
  • Casual
  • Resources
  • Transport

We are an organization of players who enjoy the social inter-action, collaboration, protection and help of all members. The main thrust is exploration and mining so we the entire clan can gain. Missions and participation is another feature we can explore together.
Please feel free to join us.


We are an organization with a unified approach to our game. We help others within the group for our mutual gain. There is no minimum time expection just what each individual can comfortably give. Our aim is to have fun by; missions, teaming up, mining, safe transport (soon to become more challenging) and communicating with each other, Discord is a good option for those whom are able.

Please have fun and feel free to ask any questions.




Our intention is to provide a collabrative, positive, non-pressured environment for all members. We work together for the good of each player by helping in missions, safe transport of goods and working together for mutual gain.


1) Have fun it’s a great game.
2) Help when and where you’re comfortable.
3) Communicate with other in the org.
4) If you need help Please ask. We have allot of players with experience.
5) Again please enjoy.

See you around.