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Roberts Space Industries

Quality Integrated Security Solutions / QISS

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Here at QISS, we don’t believe in a fancy “alliance,” or platitudes about lawful or pirate game play.

We don’t care. That’s not our job. We’re here for one reason:

Providing one-stop shopping for clients who need one of our network of proven dependable contractors.


QISS was formed in 2020, but our member orgs have a rich history spanning the history of the Star Citizen project.

Founded by Legacy Fleet and Frontier 17, QISS exists to fill a gap we perceived in the Star Citizen community: a place for clients to find proven, vetted contractors, and for those same contractors to pick up extra headcount for big events, without the baggage of alliances.

Both founding orgs have a proud history of working with trusted freelancers and other mercenary orgs, and with QISS, we’re creating an umbrella of the most effective, most trustworthy (at least when you’re paying them) mercs in the universe.

We don’t exist to judge law/piracy, jump to the aid of mutual allies, dictate your org’s policies, or argue the finer points of org politics. There are plenty of places to find that kind of collective. We exist to gather and list the trustworthy orgs and freelancers who get the job done.

QISS-vetted mercenaries are the ones you want on your side when your event goes live!


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It has become increasingly clear that Star Citizen contracts need real expertise.

The ‘Verse is already a complex place. Streamers are already well-aware of how high-stakes it can be trying to get an event to go off without a hitch.


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QISS exists as a vetted group of dependable service-providers. Some prefer to be lawful, some are fine crossing the authorities. All are known for their proven ability to complete the biggest or smallest contracts you can bring.

An organization’s presence here tells you something simple: they perform at the highest level, you can trust them not to backstab a client, and they maintain the professionalism not to burn you if they turn your contract down.

QISS contractors are trusted. Our member orgs have successfully protected ATMO Esports events (the Hurston Hurt Locker, Daymar Rally, etc.), assured the safety of Yacht Club events, protected haulers, and carried out active kill orders.

When you contract with a QISS member, you are contracting with their org, not with QISS itself.