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Red Horse is a military unit which focuses on engineering, exploration, resource gathering, and all things which enable and support those areas of focus. If you’re in a battle and need repairs, we will patch you up. Lose the fight, we will salvage your ship for resources. ~ Primus In Patiatur ~


Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Repair Squadron, or Red Horse, was first established and activated in ancient history in the year of 1966 during the Vietnam War. The unit was designed to facilitate the construction of forward operating locations commonly used for command, equipment repair, hospitals, or other classified purposes. Deactivated when global peace was established under the United Nations of Earth (UNE) in 2380.

While humanity reached out and spread through the stars it was clear the military needed Red Horse once more but the role had expanded to include construction and resource gathering in the harshness of space and on extraterrestrial planets. While the UNE went through several changes and evolved into today’s United Empire of Earth or UEE, the evolution of Red Horse kept pace adding additional capabilities.
Red Horse, as it stands now in 2945 has been transferred into the hands of private citizens who were once members of the military unit. Those members have vowed to maintain the structure and the mission which made the nearly 2000 year history of Red Horse great. Their motto lives on and guides them today: Primus In Patiatur – First In, Last Out


Red Horse from its inception in 1966 was tasked as a highly mobile support group which is self sufficient and able to conduct operation in remote and high threat environments. When Red Horse was conceived space travel was in its infancy and our reach into the star could not have yet been predicted nor could the hostilities humanity would face.
Today Red Horse has evolved to not only meet the new challenges but has expanded to meet the needs and demands of the new era. Keeping with the original mission Red Horse offers the following to its clients and partners.

  • Science and Engineering
  • Exploration and Navigation
  • Repair and Reclamation
  • Medical
  • Mining operations

While offering these services we also supply close space, air, and ground support. Part of being self-sufficient is the ability to keep ourselves and assets safe as well as those of our clients.
Though Red Horse has its history in the military; today we are a private company and as such we adhere to the laws of whatever system we are performing services. Red Horse will not break the laws but we have engineers who know how far we can bend them before they break.


Contract Of Agreement

Members of Red Horse, by application or affiliation, agree to the following code while operating on Red Horse lead operations. Furthermore, Red Horse members agree to follow the charter at all times while in game, Discord, Team Speak, or any live stream events while you may be perceived as representing Red Horse. Failure to adhere and follow this charter will result in expulsion from Red Horse activities and the organization itself as well as being ban in all forms of its communications (i.e. Discord, Team Speak, RSI Spectrum) as it relates to the Red Horse organization.


Being a member is more than simply putting in an application, that is only the first step. If accepted to Red Horse we don’t expect you to come with a fleet of ship, but we do expect you to be in the game and active. Learn a skill and become proficient and strive to be the best. That doesn’t me you have to be a leader-board ranked dog fighter. We need expert refiners, navigator, salvage and repair engineers. Choose a niche, settle in and learn all there is to know about it. Veteran members are expected to help new applicants and members and to mentor them and help them grow in their chosen path— someone helped you and pay it forward.


This should not have to be said but it will be so someone cannot say it was not in the charter and code. Be respectful of others. If you are found being disrespectful to anyone from an applicant to a veteran member you will be warned once; after that you will be brought before the organization’s leadership to determine if you remain a Red Horse or you are expelled from the organization. The universe it large and the number of citizens grows by the minute; there are bound to be those to mine the salt and who want to watch it all burn— rise above it because if you don’t you will be buried beneath it.
Honesty and respect are the hallmarks of a healthy organization. Many citizens live a dual life and have aliases, pseudonyms, and alternate personas. The behaviors and animosity fostered by those alternate personas have a way of creeping in and resurfacing, do not allow those behaviors to jeopardize your membership or affiliation in Red Horse.


  • Attitude: All applicants must show an overall good and friendly personality. Once membership is earned, the once applicant will be representing the organization and their conduct will reflect on the reputation of the organization and its members. As an applicant this aspect is one of the most high scrutinized. Failure to demonstrate this for the probationary period will result in the cancellation of the application- you may reapply in 30 days to try and earn your place.
  • Operations: As an applicant you may participate in Red Horse lead operations only and may not participate in organizational activities which involve and outside organization. While participating, it is expected for new applicants to ask questions however, be respectful when asking and when responding. Know and be mindful of the rules and standards of communication but do participate and do your part.


  • At this time Red Horse is not and exclusive organization however, it is expected that all members and affiliated members abide by the same charter. If a member or affiliate’s membership in another organization is in conflict with Red Horse’s charter that member will be confronted by leadership and asked to abide by the charter or to leave Red Horse. Failure to be in compliance with the charter will result to expulsion from the organization.


For any organization of function and operate smoothly communication has to be a forethought and not an afterthought. Below are the Red Horse standards for communication.

Military Operations

  • Almost always Red Horse operations are in or around hostile territory. Therefore, communications should be short and to the point while keeping chatter to a minimum.
  • Members filling a security role are encouraged to use brevity1 while engaged in combat.
  • Those not filling a combat role are expected to stay silent during the engagement except to communicate they are taking damage from an aggressor.

Non-Military Operations

  • Keep chatter down during actual operations. For example, while in route to a destination it is open communication with the standard rules of communication in effect. Once the destination is reached only mission critical communication is allowed. If the mission is mining the operator of the mine head should only be communicating with the refiner and the hold monitor should be communicating with the cargo ship point of contact. Because of the possible multifaceted aspect of operations multiple channels of communication may be used if communication channels become too congested.
  • While in route to the mission destination the group is interdicted or hostiles arrive during operations and an engagement begins all communication is stopped and channels are opened for military use as described above.

External Communication

When engaging on external communication is expected you represent Red Horse in alignment with the charter. External communication is described as Discord2, RSI Spectrum3 forums, or any other platform where the organization could be represented.

  • The chosen platform of Red Horse at this time is Discord and it is expected that member have discord and are also active in the organization chats and channels. This is also where all organizational activities are announced as well as times members of Red Horse will be streaming.
  • When posting in Spectrum or Discord it is expected that members are respectful and polite and do not troll and incite other members or citizens.
  • When encountering a new player in the game who you think may be a good fir for Red Horse direct them to the Organizations page and to the Discord server.
  • If you stream and you are a member or affiliate of Red Horse it’s expected you represent Red Horse according to the charter failure to do so will result in your expulsion from the organization.

Organization & In Game Activities

  • While in game it is not expected you announce your presence however, if another organization member announces their you are expected to reply in kind.
  • While in game members and affiliates are expected to act with respect as they represent the organization and positive or negative behaviors reflect in kind on the organization.
  • As and organization we act and work as a team and no one member should be in it for personal glory. This means if a member is struggling we help bring them up. However, if all members are able to pull their own weight do not feel as though you should not excel in your role(s) for the operation.
  • Cheating in game is not tolerated in any form and at any level. If thought to be cheating you will have only one opportunity to state your case before organizational leadership— it will then be up to the leadership team as to if you remain. However, if the developer identifies you as having cheated there will be no discussion you will be automatically expelled form the organization.
  • Though real life and become busy and time is a precious thing and we understand this. We would hope that members will be as active as possible without sacrificing school, work or family times. Therefore, we have not set an exception for in game time but we would like members to be active in Discord.
  • AFK4 – if you are going to be away for an extended period of time mute your microphone and place yourself in the AFK channel if the Discord.
  • Members which are inactive for more than 30 days in both Discord and in game will have a direct message sent to them via Discord and if not response is heard back in 7 days their membership may be terminated at any time.

Organizational Resources

  • Ships are expensive, we all know this is a fact. Members sharing ships is encouraged but not required. As persistence and the insurance mechanic comes online we know there will be a very real cost to losing your ships. If you borrow a ship respect the person who let you borrow it and do your best to return it in the same condition you received it.
  • When accepting a mission which requires multiple members to crew the ship the distribution will be in favor of the owner of the ship(s) and those who borrowed ship will be entitled to less of the profits unless agreed upon by the ship owners as additional payout will be subtracted form the owner’s portion. Please reference the Red Horse calculation chat for this if you are a full member of Red Horse, affiliates do not have access to this data.
  • If you borrow another member’s ship to fulfill a contract or mission the borrower of the ship is liable for the credits to repair or replace the ship, munitions or other damage obtained during the mission/operation.

Discipline & Leaving the Organization

Though many become friends in the organization there is always a time when it is no longer a good fit or someone chooses to move on. There are those times when a member has violated the charter or the TOS of the developer and action must be taken to protect Red Horse’s standing in the community. this is never an enjoyable experience but a necessary one. The following violations of the charter or behaviors are ground for immediate expulsion from the organization

  • Any use of bot which give the member any for of advantage by performing tasks which the player normally would have to perform. This includes but is not limited to aim-bots, hacks, cheats, known glitches or any code or exploit to gain an unfair advantage based on intended game play by the developer or by the charter.
  • Failure to be active for 35 or more consecutive days in both Discord and in game without contacting leadership so you are not unjustly expelled form the organization.
  • Sharing organizational trade secrets such as meeting places in game, shipping routes, or other organizationally developed tools or data which has not been expressly approved for sharing outside the organization.
  • Any racial slur, discrimination based on sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, political alignment or any other mean deemed inappropriate to a healthy environment.
  • Personal attacks on another member or non-member will not be tolerated.


Leadership of Red Horse stays true to its military origins but, because it is now civilian operated the structure slightly different. Member have both a role to play as well as a rank in that role.


  • Leader – The highest rank in the organization and the founder. These individual guides the organization but only casts a vote when officers have a tie vote or when a quorum need to be reached.
  • Officer – An individual holding this role is responsible for managing the members, their roles and their ranks within the organization.
  • Recruiter – A member holding this role is able to manage, approve, or reject applications to Red Horse as well as send invitations to apply.
  • Marketing – A true shit of words and a master of graphics and who ensures all things presented on all the platforms align and represent Red Horse and provides and outsider a consistent experience.


  • Recruit – When a citizen first applies and is accepted this is the rank they will have while they learn how Red Horse operates. Before being promoted to the next ranks the member must demonstrate a proficiency at the tier one level as defined the RHSM5
  • Private – Once a member has demonstrated the charter values and proficiency at tier 1 skills they are nominated to this position where as the member is able to participate in organization activities and streams.
  • Sergeant – Tier 2 proficient and has chosen a single, or multiple, professions to study. Expected to mentor all lower ranks and to assist in Red Horse operations. Sergeants are the first rank which may nominate recruits for promotion.
  • Warrant Officer – Expected to lead groups within Red Horse organized missions and demonstrate proficiency at the tier 3 level of the RHSM. This rank may nominate Sergeants and lower ranks for promotion as well as sponsor privates in Red Horse missions but the sponsor holds full responsibility for their performance and safety. The sponsored member may only act as a support role to the sponsoring member.
  • Major – Members holding this role are able to negotiate contracts between organizations and present them for ratification or rejection. Additionally, majors are able to plan and lead sanctioned Red Horse activities. Majors also are considered leadership in training and as such are mentored by Colonels- members should take what they say seriously. This rank may nominate Warrant Officer and lower ranks for promotion.
  • Colonel – The right and left hand of the leader a Colonel is able to negotiate contracts involving other organizations and determine the terms of those contracts. Colonels are also responsible for operations which may entail both military and civilian components. Colonels sit on the board which ratifies, accepts, and rejects contracts as well as holds court for disciplinary proceedings. This rank is also plans, organized and executes Red Horse and inter-organizational activities which include paid contracts as well as training. Colonels must be tier 3 proficient in the RHSM and be considered and expert on one or more chosen professions. Colonels may delegate the tasks to ranks no lower than majors. his rank may nominate majors and lower ranks for promotion.

1 Brevity is a form of communication used during combat which enables short and concise commands and responses, If you are accepted to Red Horse you will have an opportunity to learn brevity for both ground and air/space operations.

2 Discord is a text and voice of IP (VOIP) application for your computer as well as your tablet or smart phone. The application can be downloaded via the apple app store, google play store, or for your computer from Discord

3 Spectrum is the RSI forum which has both game specific information as well as community content. You can find Spectrum by clicking here

4 AFK is an acronym for Away From Keyboard, meaning you are not at your computer to be in VOIP or to see messages.

5 The RHSM is the Red Horse Skill Matrix which outlines the minimum skills needed for each rank within Red Horse. This is only visible to full members of Red Horse and not its affiliate members.