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ODYN is a paramilitary organization that employs experts in diverse fields from around the Verse. Through a strong foundation in research and industry, ODYN stands at the precipice in the war with the enemies of humanity.

ODYN and its members are citizens of the Aurora Republic!


Take a moment to review our charter and manifesto by clicking the tabs above.

We’ve always believed we weren’t alone. After humanity took to the stars, we knew we’d have to keep growing. We developed terrifying weapons and an unbreakable will. We destroyed entire moons to fuel our starfaring behemoths. Leaving nothing unconquered, we forged our path through the stars so that when they look up…

They’d know we’re out there.

ODYN is a proud part of the Reforged Gaming Community, a group of players who have set out to change the way relationships develop in online games. We came together in 2012 and have since built a thriving community across a library of PC games. Our players maintain one key philosophy – Membership by compatibility. We believe that this is the formula that turns regular “clans” into something remarkable. Now we’re bringing that mission to Star Citizen and we’d like to give you an opportunity to join us.

ODYN is comprised of various divisions working towards a shared goal. The Military, Technology, and Commerce divisions function independently of one another coordinating to achieve wider goals set by the ODYN leadership. We developed this system from our previous successes and failures in a multitude of MMOs. While other orgs have attempted to replicate this model, we believe our experience will help it thrive. Our system ensures that everyone has access to the content they want to experience while keeping ODYN a close-knit community. This is where other groups fall apart and it’s what makes us unique. Our organization believes that players aren’t simply an asset to be utilized at whim. Every player that makes a commitment to us has a commitment made to them – you are more than just a number.

Among our ranks, you’ll find dedicated individuals who love to reap the rewards of a hard-fought victory. Our Military Division brings the combined arms of air, space, and ground to devastating effect on the battlefield. From large scale ship operations aboard a Javelin or Idris to coordinated strikes as part of a fighter squadron, our Navy is equipped to handle any theater of war we find ourselves in. Our Marines and Tier One Operators are focused on close quarters encounters and bring squad-based tactics to both planetary assaults as well as ship to ship or ship to station engagement. On planetside, these troops have the backing of our tank battalion, a dedicated team of mechanized infantry that turns the most intense combat situations into a playground of shrapnel.

If combat is not your primary focus in Star Citizen, worry not. We’ve cultivated a unique team of miners, transport specialists, scientists, salvage experts, and civilian explorers. Your time is valuable and while other organizations will ask you to freely give it away, ODYN understands it’s worth more than simple good will. At the core of our team is the understanding that players should be compensated for their work. If you invest in us, we’ll invest in you. Whether it’s through financial backing or military might, we know that your success is our success and we’re committed to that ideal.

ODYN will be a major player in the Star Citizen universe. This is your chance to be a part of our team.

If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to reach out to us on Discord. We’d love a chance to talk to you.







We want to give you an opportunity to carve out the pieces that will help build the portrait of tomorrow. The voice of uncertainty might be telling you that the other guys are too big, too numerous and too well equipped to be beaten. Drown out those petty echoes and replace them with the voice of dissent. Every day is a battle, a vicious struggle between the easy way and the right way. It’s a bloody contention on a dark road where the destination is always just beyond the next summit.

You might ask yourself why we bother to walk this path and the answer is simple. Because it matters. We didn’t forge this community with the hopes that it would fade into obscurity. If our journey was a river then we could easily put our feet up and float down the path of least resistance. But that’s not us. We chose to travel upstream because that’s where new horizons are found. We’ve come far in a short amount of time but we’re not ready to stop and enjoy the view. With every step we take comes the knowledge that we need to take one more. So pull up your boots and join the grind because we’re just getting started.

Welcome to ODYN.


We believe that holding people to a higher standard invites a higher standard. We’ve kept that philosophy from our early founding and it has pushed us to greater heights since early 2012. We expect our players to adhere to the same standards that you hopefully maintain in your everyday life. Both ODYN and Reforged Gaming are made up of individuals. We won’t ask you to change who you are to be a part of our group. All we ask is you be considerate of those around you in your interactions.

1. We do not tolerate bigotry of any kind.. We do not treat our members differently based on where they are from or what the color of their skin is relevant to our own. We expect the same out of you. This extends to using derogatory slurs as part of your regular vernacular.

2. We will not enable hackers, script-kiddies, exploiters and the like. This doesn’t mean that we won’t accept you if you have done that in the past, it means that we expect the behavior not to continue while you play with us.

3. We want everyone to have a chance to learn more about us before you decide to spend time in this community. Membership is open door, adherent to the rules above. Pending any major design changes, exclusive membership will be required when Star Citizen is released.

Thank you for your interest. Feel free to reach out to any of our leadership to learn more.