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Reliant Owners Group / ROGR

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RELIANT OWNERS GROUP: The Unique Reliant Series of ships has two types of players in the Verse. Those that absolutely Love the Reliant, and those that don’t. Be part of this proud MISC Comradery with fellow Reliant owners. Flying our various Reliant models forth and forging our time in the stars!


The Reliant Owners Group was established for fellow owners and fans of all Reliant models to have a place to hang out, chat, conduct group events with fellow Reliant owners without the sideways glances or snide comments from those that “Just don’t get the Reliant”. Looking for all to join. Nomatter if you only own a Kore starter pack or now have a massive fleet of ships. But if your Reliant still holds special place in your heart, this will be the place for you.


Membership in the Reliant Owners Group does not require its members to be a primary member of the ROGR organization, and membership can be set as affiliate. Citizens may enjoy our “Club Style” organization as an affiliate while keeping their other Org listed as their primary. But Reliant Owners Group leadership reserves the right to blacklist ORG’s or prohibit membership if said membership or players of Orgs presents a negative impact on ROGR or its members.

We are a group of Reliant Owners that are passionate about our unique ships and Star Citizen. While some members maybe considered hardcore players, we will never requite our members to be hardcore players. This will be a Club Like atmoshere where Reliant pilots can hang out, chat and fly together if they wish. We will accept all players that share our goals and interests, reguardless of them being casual or hardcore players. We are looking to form a mature and friendly organization. ROGR believes in the rule that as always REAL LIFE COMES FIRST! We will never tell you to put gameplay or the Org over your real life, jobs and certainly not over your family.

All members are allowed to do as they please, and our Primary Focus will be more law abiding play. But there are GREY AREAS and those types of game loops are allowed. But open Griefer Style play or tactics used against law abiding players will not be tolerated. There is no obligation to participate in any activities. However if you decide to participate in a specific activity you should follow the leadershp of the event or the group leader of said activity. ROGR’s goal is to have & ensure everybody will have a good time playing with less drama, more fun with a mature group of members that love our unique ships as much as you!

If you want to play one time a week just to relax or will be an everyday player that is great. Whatever is your gameplay time and participation with the Org is 100% fine as long as you are having fun!

Fly Safe and fly a Reliant!



  • MUST OWN A RELIANT of any model
  • Act like an adult this group will not be or act like a daycare
  • Must Not Cause Drama
  • Must be at least 18 years of age as this will be an adult group
  • Must have and use discord. Reliant Owners Group
  • Headset strongly recommended

There will be members that have families and a real life outside of Star Citizen. The Reliant Owners Group firmly believes that keeping these things your main focus before gaming is the best policy. REAL LIFE COMES FIRST!

Most of us graduated high school years ago, so this will be and stay a Drama Free Zone! Leave the drama in the schools. Drama Will Not Be Tolerated!

Negativity is a slow poison and over time can take over a chat. We are not expecting fluffy bunnies, butterflies and rainbows shootingout of everyones backside 24/7 we all have an off day. Just don’t be a perpetual downer, any consistently negative members will have to go to not spoil it for the rest of the group.

Treat others the way you want to be treated. Treat all your fellow members, friends and allies with respect. You are here to have fun.

Being a jerk is not acceptable. We won’t accept jerks as clients, vendors, or members. We will never try to be jerks, you should do and act the same. So if you turn out to be a jerk you will be shown the door, Life is too short.

Do your best for yourself, the friends you make here in the Relaint Owners Group and in game. Help, mentor and advise new player and members in the organization and it game. It make for a better gaming expeariance for everyone. This ideal should be remembered to make the game better for the community as a whole as we are helping to develop Star Citizen as we play.

Remember Star Citizen is being developed as we play.Stay up to date with patch notes and current mechanics to learn how things work or have changed and go with the changes as they come. Roll with theunintentional “features” that pop up and happen at the worst time. Plan for the game ahead, but be will versed in the present “work arounds” and make the best of Star Citizen.

Fly Safe, Fly Reliant!