Roberts Space Industries


  • Corporation
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Trading
  • Freelancing


Hiring : We value participation more than the ship you bring.

We are Allied with: Strategic Overkill [S0K]

members are free to pursue their own interests as long as it is legal (or profitable)


Earth is now a bastion of economic greed and commerce. Gone are the royal houses that once ruled the countries that competed for power. Today, pomp and luxury only go to those who climb cooperate success. Royalty has become virtually extinct.
But, one unlikely royal family has found itself growing a new beginning in this far away system. This family has managed to shed itself of its birthright mentality and transform into a growing trading group. Efficient assignments of routes and smart dispatch has allowed them to go head-to-head with the bigger organizations. But, now the hangar has more ships than they can fly and help is needed. Royal Trading is looking for good pilots who are willing and able to earn an honest wage doing honest work. Perhaps, Royal Trading is your new home.


We Declare ourselves to be lawful and loyal to the UEE

a) Discover and establish a reliable network of profitable trade routes
b) Provide overwhelming fighter cover in our areas of interest
c) Obtain our own station to operate from

Our means: A dedicated group of pilots who move the goods.


a) Be respectful towards other members
b) Be respectful towards friendly organizations
c) Be respectful of the SC rules
d) Be respectful of profit margins
e) Do share any intelligence with members
f) Do advise us of any significant fleet changes
g) Do tell us when you are online so we can coordinate events