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Roberts Space Industries ®

Rescue Squad One / RSQUAD1

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675+ Confirmed rescues and counting.

Our mission is to rescue citizens across the galaxy.

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Rescue Squad One was founded by Commander D.J. Soto to rescue players across the galaxy. His vision soon caught on, and now many citizens across the galaxy are joining the cause. Will you join us?


Our vision is to rescue citizens across the galaxy. We will help anyone, anywhere, at anytime.


We have borrowed these values from the legendary “Fuel Rats” of Elite Dangerous:

  • Cooperate as part of a team, to do great things
  • Lead when leadership is needed
  • Follow when following is the right thing to do
  • Do whatever it takes to rescue clients
  • Generally be a cheerful, funny, helpful
  • We are strictly non-PVP while on rescues