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Roberts Space Industries ®

Stormbringer / SBGR

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Freelancing
  • Exploration

Recruitment into SBGR is easy enough. Apply or be invited.
You don’t have to have the best ships or dogfight your way in.

Be a team player. Be self-reliant, yet reliable.

Stormbringer Discord

We are also often on

Mirai Consortium Discord


He came and warned them of the storm. He told them it was coming. He told them there was no escape. His own lands had been ravaged and destroyed.
When the storm came, some ran.
When the storm came, some went below.
When the storm came, some stood.
It was said that those who stood, became the storm itself. They walked before it, telling of it’s approach.
Bringing it forth.

Stormbringer is about pathfinding, exploration and discovery.

We look at what can be done now, where we can go and how best to be efficient and resourceful. There is no clear path, no predefined direction, so we travel all, explore and find our own way, as individuals and as a team. We learn from each other, stand together when pushed and ensure we all have the best chance to succeed. We’re not over dedicated or specialist in any given arena, because things are changing, constantly. We have a direction and certainty of purpose, but we do not limit our scope to being the very best at one thing. We prefer to be excellent at everything.

Stormbringer is the advanced guard for the fleet to come. We make no threats and no promises, because we don’t have to. We simply work together to achieve all that we desire.


Run from it, hide from it or become it.

Just don’t be weak or lacking in honour. That’s never going to be a path we will walk down.

All else is open to those who walk ahead of the storm. All else is the duty of those who will summon it.


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