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Mercury Owner's Club / STARRUNNER

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Welcome to the Mercury Star Runner owner’s club, a network open for access to Mercury captains and crew throughout the verse. Join us on discord at:


The Mercury Star Runner Owner’s Club was founded in August of 2948 during the first reveal and sale of the Crusader Industries’ Mercury Star Runner transport and data courier. Following the initial conception of the vessel, the organization has closely tracked and scrutinized alterations and developments to the design, up to its final release.

>> The Mercury Star Runner is slated for full, flight-ready release in 2950.

>> Upon the release of Orison, Crusader’s Landing Zone, the MSR Owner’s Club will sponsor and organize the first “Crusader Day” in-game event. The event will be repeated once per year afterward to celebrate the anniversary of Crusader Industries, as a public expo for all ships and equipment manufactured by CI, and as a venue where ships and equipment related to Crusader Industries may be privately sold by individual captains or private vendors.


Catering to governments and the private sector alike, Crusader Industries’ star runner chassis
raises the bar on speed and efficiency while remaining a stalwart of reliability.

The Mercury ticks all the boxes expected of a dependable courier vessel, and then some.
Whatever you’re transporting, there’s nothing safer or more secure than the Mercury.

Like everything we produce, the Mercury is built with the same engineering and design principals
that have made Crusader the go-to manufacturer for galactic transport on every scale. -Crusader Industries

The Mercury Star Runner is a midsize Cargo and Data courier designed by Crusader Industries and manufactured in the Stanton System. The MSR has become wildly popular, particularly among freelance captains, and has even seen use in the UEE military as a secure data courier and logistics craft for delivering information and crucial supplies to and from the front lines where standard communications infrastructure is not available or reliable.

Here at the Mercury Star Runner Owner’s Club, we strive to provide an environment where MSR owners and captains can freely network to exchange information; everything from maintenance tips and tricks to profitable cargo routes to internal used ship and equipment sales. The MSR Owner’s Club does not charge fees from its members nor does it tax internal transactions; it is kept as an absolutely free and optional resource.

In addition to the Mercury Star Runner, we also provide less focused information and material exchange for other Crusader Industries shiplines, including the Ares, Hercules, Genesis, and Jupiter. While these are not our primary focus, they are all part of our extended Crusader family.

The MSR Owner’s Club bases itself out of Orison, on Planet Crusader, where Crusader Industries designs and manufactures all of its vessels. Once each year, we sponsor and organize “Crusader Day”, a public event to celebrate the founding of Orison, Crusader Industries, and all of its ships.


Legal Disclaimer: While this organization is an affiliate of Crusader Industries with public holdings at Orison, its members are a conglomerate of independent captains and as such do not represent the opinions or stance of Crusader Industries in any way. The Mercury Star Runner Owner’s Club and Crusader Industries take no responsibility for the actions of its members or any damages they may incur to themselves or others during the operation of their vessels.

Mandates of the Mercury Star Runner Owner’s Club (Henceforth referred to as “MSROC”) are as listed below. Please note that these mandates may be changed as necessary by the founder and share owners of the organization.

Section 1: Fees and Expenses

1. The MSROC will not charge fees or impose taxes upon any internal exchanges between its members. The MSROC is a not-for-profit organization designed as a free resource to those within it.
2. Fees and Taxes may be imposed on external parties wishing to contract the MSROC’s members. These charges will always be determined by the MSR captain or captains involved at the time of contracting out their services, with the primary intent of paying the individual captain and his or her crew, and secondary intent of donating to the organization’s expenses.
3. Donations to the organization for the purposes of covering any expenses are entirely voluntary, and up to each individual owner or captain. Recruitment or continued Membership within the MSROC will never be determined based on donations.

Section 2: Behavior and Moderation

1. The MSROC ownership will only take direct moderating actions in extreme circumstances wherein member(s) are causing direct harm or distress to other members or the organization as a whole through their actions or speech.
2. Members within the MSROC are expected to self-moderate to the best of their abilities; no hateful language or conversation which distresses another member will be tolerated. Keep discussions civil; debate does not require insult to be effective or productive.
3. While it is preferential that members not harm one another in ‘the wild’, away from Orison, the MSROC understands that this organization cannot and will not offer protection to its members in their own affairs. Piracy and other criminal activities are taken at each members’ own risk and responsibility.

Section 3: Market and Sales

1. The MSROC maintains itself as a neutral middleman for internal sales of ships and equipment. Whenever available, the MSROC will provide mediators to act as a neutral party to exchanges so as to ensure the honesty of both buyer and seller. All members are expected to take this duty upon themselves when they are able to do so.
2. If necessary, the MSROC ownership will take action against unfair or predatory sales practices. The MSROC will not allow its members to scam or cheat one another. If a member feels they are being exploited in this manner, they may contact the ownership for assistance.
3. The MSROC will maintain a listing board for its members to utilize, free of cost, as a tool for both posting items or vessels to be sold, or to post requests for equiment purchases.

Section 4: Information Exchange

1. The MSROC will maintain, to the best of its ability, an ongoing and regularly updated database regarding all aspects of operation, maintenance, and repair to the Mercury Star Runner and its common components.
2. Members are encouraged to submit any information pertaining to operation, maintenance, and repair of the Mercury Star Runner to the organization so that it might be distributed fairly and freely to other members.
3. The MSROC will attempt to maintain a private fund, based upon member donations, to be distributed to members in need for the purposes of operation, maintenance, or repair of their vessels, or for payment of insurance or loan policies on their vessels. We all fall on hard times now and then, let us help one another get back on our feet when necessary.

Section 5: Crusader Day

1. Once per year, on the anniversary of the founding of Orison, the MSROC will sponsor and organize “Crusader Day” – a celebration taking place both on Orison and in orbit of Crusader.
2. Members are encouraged, but not required, to participate in this celebration, either by being present with their vessel, donating funds for the event, or both.
3. The MSROC, when able, will coordinate the Crusader Day celebration with other organizations based out of Orison, Crusader, or with Crusader Industries in order to provide venues, displays, and security for the occasion.

Interested buyers can purchase a Mercury Star Runner here:

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For any issues or assistance, contact the founder at: