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Tempest Guardians is a security firm dedicated to the protection of personnel and assets. We specialize in escort, reconnaissance, salvage, capture, and recovery. Tempest Guardians adheres to and works within the laws set by local, allied and UEE governments.


Tempest Guardians, security firm dedicated to the protection of personnel and assets. We specialize is escort, reconnaissance, salvage, capture, and recovery.

A once small group of prior UEE Advocacy veterans, Tempest Guardians quickly grew into a well known name for not only their quality service, but also for their family like employee community, and positive impact on the community. As it has grown, it has retained the family like atmosphere where teamwork and trust is paramount.

Tempest securities employ a large array of specialized skill sets in order to offer maximum protection of their clientele and interests. We work fully within the requirements of local, allied, and UEE law.

Prospective members are required to attend and satisfactory complete basic and advanced training schools. At basic training recruits will learn the fundamentals of squadron formations, comms rules, close quarters combat, and teamwork. Upon satisfactory completion of basic training members may attain specializations in one of several roles including Boarding Assaulter, Personnel Transport Combat Pilot, Sapper, RECON Scout, and Intelligence Specialist.

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**Many of our members are prior service and active duty military. While military service is not required to join, all members shall be held to the same stand high standard of professionalism and respect.


Tempest Guardians will always provide the best security personnel, equipment and services to all lawful customers no matter location, risk, and legal cargo/operation. At TG we believe the best security possible is the one that is never put to the test. Starting with our most basic service contract, clientele are guaranteed escort personnel, route/location intelligence, in depth pre and post mission briefings, and full access to our support specialists to answer questions and offer advise on possible opposition and alternate secure routes.

Our mission does not end until your operation is complete and assets are safe at their destination. We want to make sure that you have the highest possible chance of success that your assets arrive on time and undamaged. For extra confidence we offer add on and stand alone plus services which include, but are not limited to:

Scouting: Before sending your valuable property and personnel into the unknown we will provide all our known information on the route, destination, jump-points, hostiles and possible ambush locations. If you desire live updates we will send our reconnaissance specialists to fully traverse the length of the destination before departure to ensure a safe, secure, and worry free flight. We also explore new areas for points of interest such as mining deposits so you know your time won’t be wasted and put at risk when sending out a mining, exploration, or salvage expedition.

Search and Rescue/Recovery: We understand that the security of routes and sectors change. Commonly traversed trade routes, or mining zones that were once safe can become dangerous. We also understand that security is something that sometimes business owners realize they needed only after a tragic incident occurred. Rest assured your property and personnel is as important to us as it is to you. We offer services from members who train extensively for SAR operations so that we can get your people and goods back safe. Understand however due to the vastness of space recovery is not guaranteed, but our effort is.

Paramilitary Operations: While Tempest Guardians will never recognize, nor take sides with personal, or organizational conflicts and disputes we can provide security, boarding and capturing services that fall within the law of the UEE and are in accordance with our strict defense and protection focused rules of engagement. This can include planet side protection, clearing a zone, ship, or station of UEE recognized hostile occupation, and outpost/operation defense.

Please note that all requested operations must fully meet our contract regulations, must be fully legal under UEE and alien ally laws.TG reserves the right to modify, add services , or reject any request prior to accepting.

The TG Guarantee: We guarantee that the contract and all services will be upheld to the best of our ability. We will not abandon our post until the mission is complete, or we ourselves are eliminated. We also guarantee that all personnel taking part in the service contract have passed the required standards and graduated from our Flight Academy. Further more any specialist assigned to the mission has passed the applicable Advanced Individual Training school required for that qualification.

Service Agreement: Please note that all requested operations must meet our contract regulations, and be fully legal under UEE and alien ally laws.TG reserves the right to modify, add or reject add-on services prior to accepting any protection contract.We also reserve the right to immediately void the contact and terminate service if information is discovered that was previously withheld and/or is not in accordance with our regulations, local law, or the contract.

Tempest Guardians, providing security for success since 2944.

The following organizations are allied with Tempest Guardians and uphold our same same high standards of ethical operation, moral conduct, legal employment, and quality service.



The Tempest Guardians is a Para-Military Organization that specializes is escort, reconnaissance, salvage, capture, and recovery. Bearing those duties in mind, there must be a set of rules outlining the behavior and conduct of the members of Tempest Guardians.

VISION: Tempest Guardians does not strive to be the largest guild in the Galaxy; we strive to be the best security contractors that money can buy under UEE Law. Tempest Guardians must at all times display the highest moral, ethical, and professional standards expected from a “Hardcore” Security Organization.

We want our Clients to think “Those Tempest guys showed a lot of backbone when those pirates showed up.” or “That new security company the guild hired to save a few credits wasn’t up to the Tempest Standard. If we had hired the Guardians, I wouldn’t have holes blasted into my hull!”


Guild Loyalty: Always place the needs of Tempest Guardians over those of other Organizations or members thereof. In addition, no Tempest Guardian member will hide their Organizational Affiliations in any way shape or form.

We understand that people tend to forge friendships within games, and no gamer is a stranger to this. However, this doesn’t change the fact that you are now a Tempest Guardian. Former Guild ties must be at-arms-length. Real Life Blood ties are another matter, and each Guardian must inform the Tempest Leadership prior to gallivanting off to help out your little sister, brother, mother, or your provider of nookie.

Respect: Treat people the way you would want them to treat you; or better yet, how you would have them treat your Mother.

We have no room here for disrespectful people and internet tough guys. Every time you disrespect another player, you tarnish the reputation of the Tempest Guardians as a whole, not just yourself.

Courage: Tempest Guardians do not run away from danger; they look it in the eye!

This Security Company will not leave a client at the mercy of pirates at any time. We will exhaust all options to protect our clients, their property, and fellow Guardians; even if it means our own deaths.

In addition, we will not leave an innocent or merchantman that is not contracted with us to suffer loss or death if there is anything we can do about it. We respond to distress calls if our mission allows.

Results: Do everything possible to ensure your principal arrives at it’s destination safely, on time, and in one piece.

This should be self explanatory. Do not go off mission to pick a fight with pirates, or respond to a distress call if it takes you off mission, or jeopardizes your principal.

Morality: We do not contract, communicate, or associate with known criminals or criminal organizations.

We do not tolerate those that make their living outside of UEE law, and neither do our members.


Members of the Tempest Guardians are expected to follow the Organizational Laws set forth by the Tempest Guardian’s Command Group. With that said, Tempest Guardians can reasonably guarantee that our members will not…

  • Desert a Client.
  • Break UEE Law.
  • Fail to obey the orders of the commander on scene.
  • Fail to comply with Tempest Guardian procedural rules, or SOPs.
  • Compel the Surrender of a Tempest Guardian element, client ship, or bereft merchantman.
  • Aid an Enemy of either a client under contract, or an Enemy of Tempest Guardians.
  • Intentionally hazard or cause to be hazarded due to negligence any client ship, Tempest Guardian ship, UEE flagged vessel, or innocent merchantman.
  • No member of Tempest Guardians will be drunk or inebriated while on a contracted mission.

(Tempest Guardians NOT-Under Contract can feel free to enjoy the ‘Verse as they see fit, so long as they follow the above rules along with their spirits.)


The following SOPs are to be adhered to by members of Tempest Guardians, and understood by Prospective Clients. These SOPs may change as the game develops.

Punctuality: All Tempest Guardians will arrive to a mission rendezvous point at a minimum of 15 minutes prior to mission start time.

  • This will ensure that any changes in your mission or orders can be communicated to all the people involved.
  • This will give members of Tempest Guardians time to ensure that the mission starting area is safe and secure for our clients, and it gives the flight leadership time to perform their pre-mission checks.
  • This gives the Tempest Guardians time to send out Scout/Recon flight ahead along the route to provide early warning of potential threats to the principal.

Maintenance: Every member of Tempest Guardians, and Prospective Clients will ensure that his/her ship is in 100% working order prior to starting any mission. This includes fuel levels being topped off, ammunition is fully stocked, and your life support systems, weapon systems, engines, NaviComp, and shields are fully functional.

Manning: All Tempest Guardian, and Client ships will ensure that they have enough crew members to maintain safe flight operations. This means that if your ship requires an engineer to run your engines, you need to have one. If your ship has gun turrets, you need to make sure they have gunners to operate them.

Any client that does not have enough personnel to man their guns should ensure that gunners are provided to them in their contract with Tempest Guardians. We provide more than just fighter escort.

Hull/Cargo Scanning: Tempest Guardians operates within the scope of UEE Law, therefore we reserve the right to scan your hull to ensure your ship isn’t stolen or on the UEE Navy’s BOLO list. We also reserve the right to scan your cargo to ensure you are not carrying contraband. If either of these is discovered, it constitutes a breach in contract, as to what Tempest Guardians will do about it will be handled in a case by case basis.

Crew Legal Status: If a crew member of a Client’s ship has a UEE Government Bounty on his/her head, it is the Client’s job to ensure he/she is not on the ship at the start of the Tempest Guardian’s contracted duties. If a crew member is discovered to have a Government Bounty on his/her head after the mission start, the ranking member of the Tempest Guardians present at the time will make a determination as to what to do about it based on the crime the crew member is wanted by the UEE for, type of cargo the Client is carrying at the time of discovery, and the risk posed to the Tempest Guardians Organization’s reputation and personnel.

  • High Crimes, such as piracy, murder, kidnapping, and treason constitute an automatic breach in contract.
  • If the UEE Navy, or In-System Government Law Enforcement arrives to arrest the person in question, the Tempest Guardians will not impede them in any way. This does not include Freelancing Bounty Hunters.

Escort and Client in-mission communication: There will be a real time, voice communication plan in place, as discussed between the Tempest Guardians and the Client before the start of any mission. This plan shall not interfere with the internal communications of either the Client or the contracted escort.

Non-Cooperation With Criminals: If the Client’s cargo is so valuable that he/she feels the need to contract more than one security escort, the Tempest Guardians will not cooperate with a criminal syndicate, or pirate organization.

Tempest Guardian’s 50/50 Payment Policy: TBD by a client by client basis.

Inter-Organizational Wars: Tempest Guardians is a Contract Security Organization, not mercenaries. We will not contract to fight your wars for you. We contract to escort ships, and principals from Point-A to Point-B, or to scout/recon an area; not to do your wet work. If a Prospective Client is at war with another organization, we need to know about it prior to contract negotiations.

Client-Contractor Recruitment: There will be no recruitment of Client Personnel by Tempest Guardians while under contract. There will also be no attempts by the Client to recruit Tempest Guardian Personnel for the duration of their contract.

Client Complaints: Any complaints about the service or conduct of your security escorts should be forwarded to the Tempest Guardians Commanding Officer, not to the leader of your escort. If you wish to send your escort any kudos, they should be handled in the same manner. Client feedback is welcome.

THE BLACK LIST: (The following Organizations are not to be contracted with, nor will any Tempest Guardian become a member.)

  1. XPLORE — Faith based Organization — Consorting with Pirates.
  2. Tempest Company — Security & Exploration — Immature Leadership.