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The Code Within / THECODE

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Here at The Code Within we focus on data running, data collection, and videography analysis.
From the law-abiding citizen to the lawless pirate there will be no discrimination with the services we provide!
Information is our currency, and your contract is our obligation.

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00:00 The Vision



Our vision will be to outfit the MISC Endeavor as a mobile hub for all operations. Utilizing the Telescope Array, General Science pod, and Landing Bay we will strive to become the most reputable source of data collection and transportation within the verse. TCW has ambition to use the SS Madison as a mission hub for players to buy, sell, or trade data across the universe. If you would like to become an agent please review the MANIFESTO and CHARTER for our rules and regulations.

- Endeavor | #heavy science

- Telescope Array

- General Science pod

- Landing Bay


Note that these ships are not mandatory to own but will be the focus of our fleet. Each ship listed below has been chosen as the most efficient tool for the job, also encouraged based on the optimal 2-3 crew members. Agents will be better equipped towards faster response times, split payout, and lower maintenance costs. Small crew and tight knit is the objective, this is where agents become a potent unit. Reputation weighs high in collecting more sensitive contracts, find your crew become an agent within.

- Herald | #data

- Mercury Star Runner | #data

- Terrapin | #pathfinder

- Reliant Mako | #reporting


The Code will be hosting a public discord server during the traditional weekend calendar. With every new patch we encourage all citizens to help each other by earning UEC, gearing up, sharing new metagame, and above all else break our beloved Star Citizen. So please invite your friends and create entertaining scenarios for all to enjoy! As an open community gathering no players are under faction obligations.

Session times, and days are determined by each individual host. Once a host has posted the start of their session all members on the server can join the appropriate channel. This public Discord will use the @everyone command when a host announces the beginning of each session. If you are interested in taking on the responsibilities of becoming a host, please contact (Trovack).

Hosting Organizations











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01:39 Greynet Hierarchy
3:20 Agents Within



The Architect is responsible for maintaining SS Madison’s collection and storage of valuable data to fill future contract requests. Consistently networking amongst all citizens providing information about our data exchange and courier services. As well as handling recruitment applications to help our growing organization. While promising to take action regarding any criticisms on internal deficiencies.

Also overseeing the management of sensitive contracts while working directly with organization leaders or their appointed representatives. Ensuring the overall morale is positive and workflow is consistent with justifiable earnings. So that the preservation of SS Madison and all mobile detachments may remain operational.


The Admin operates to ensure complete efficiency of SS Madison or other purpose-built Endeavors. As well as assisting in the collection and storage of valuable data. Always Keeping order with constructive criticism and guidance for agents in need of assistance. Proficient to handle client requests or carry out a contract themselves if agents are unavailable.

Also enforcing our agents to meet the obligations required for roles they have excepted. While ensuring justifiable earnings are being met for all mobile detachments and other purpose-built Endeavors. If ever the Greynet Architect is absent or handling other obligations, they will be more than capable of taking command.


|RUNNERS| -Data Running-

With speed and accuracy in mind becoming a runner will be a on call or part time position within TCW. The transportation of information is the forefront to our organization’s success. Running solo or with a crew member agents will strive to uphold time efficiency on express requested runs. The knowledge of jump point navigation becomes just as valuable as data itself. Running a contract for self-profit is encouraged as long as the data is not already tied to an active request.

Contracts will be obtained from TCW hierarchy or directly from a client. High value contracts require logistical planning between both parties to ensure the route taken is safe, secure, and time efficient. Traversal to the end destination will always be top priority, under no condition should agents reveal their active contracts. If the operation goes awry a purge on all data aboard is required with no exceptions.

|SEEKERS| -Data Collection-

Utilizing a drive by probe and report method becomes a on call or part time position within TCW. With a universe so vast exploration must always remain in motion, every discovery is a chance to profit. Being equipped for deep space travel and experience in scanning are essential when exploring solo or with a crew member. Aside from prioritizing contracts while on the move, relaying other discoveries for self-profit is encouraged.

Contracts will be obtained from TCW hierarchy or directly from a client. Expect to receive multiple requests at any given time with no required order of completion. Discovered points of interest in correlation to a contract require a swift but accurate analysis that is then sent straight to the contract holder. Agents must remain self-sufficient and alert ensuring not to stray for too long in one specific region.

|KEEPERS| -Videography Analysis-

Capturing hostile acts against mission success and blatant griefing will be a on call or part time position within TCW. Flying solo or with a crew member becoming efficient in evasive maneuvers, and target acquisition is key during hostile encounters. With permission from the client captured footage of player actions for live news or edited media content is encouraged.

Contracts will be obtained from TCW hierarchy or directly from a client. Agents are required to use in game or third-party recording software capturing hostile acts towards client assets. Every player within range must be targeted during any encounters deemed unsat by the client. The encounters of blatant griefing must be saved, then reviewed upon contract completion.


Agents who form a unit respond to states and events in their environment independent from direct instruction by the Greynet Hierarchy or a Client, acting on behalf of TCW. These units will specialize in Hacking and Electronic Warfare, all bragging rights and contract opportunities revolve around unit efficiency. Challenge each other and criticize with constructive solutions.

  1. Complete initial training with a Greynet Admin or activated Units.

  1. Agree to complete all future training requirements.

  1. Unit size will be no greater than 6, no less than 2.

  1. Able to train together frequently.

  1. Must have a callsign ready.


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07:10 Rules & Regulations



Agents are required to treat each other as well as clients with professionalism regardless of personal differences within or outside of Star Citizen. While constructive criticisms are encouraged hostile acts and comments pertaining to race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. These behaviors may be used as grounds for disciplinary action including dismissal.


If an agent has a moral objection to a contract request, they may reserve the right to pass it on to a colleague. However, if an agent has accepted a contract, then it must be seen through to completion regardless of new information that comes to light. The sensitivity of personal identity and contract details will be determined by the client. If that request is broken this also may be used as grounds for disciplinary action including dismissal.

With our provided services most agents will be of the opportunist mindset. An opportunity not yet tied to a contract through clients or TCW hierarchy is encouraged for self-profit. Ensuring professionalism remains consistent when conducting our specific roles independently. As you are a direct representation of how we conduct business within the verse.


Utilize third-party or in game assets to announce contract requests directly to the appropriate agent. While utilizing the Greynet Hierarchy for sensitive contracts that require absolute discretion. Uphold agreements set between TCW and the organization being represented. Also, able to negotiate the risk versus reward factor when coming to an agreement on a contract. Whether it be a set hourly wage, or a definitive price determined by events within the verse.