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Black Suns / BLKSUNS

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  • Casual
  • Freelancing
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The Black Suns were formed roughly during the First Tevarin war. During the early stages of the war, the already anarchic Hathor system aka Nexus grew even more chaotic, overwhelming the already stretched thin UPE Military. Taking advantage of the situation, several prominent gangsters joined together and began seizing control of neighborhoods of Nexus III. With this, in reference to the gangsters, denizens of the lower levels coined the phrase “better a black sun than none” and the Black Suns Nexus gang was born. The Black Suns quickly carved out a territory for itself and developed spice and weapons trafficking operations. After the war, Black Suns’ influence stretched beyond the Nexus system and the gang became an organized criminal syndicate.

Prior to the start of the Second Tevarin war, the UEE soon came to realize the full situation and special forces such as the Advocacy began actively fighting back to regain the sectors under Black Suns’ control. Before the UEE could get the situation under control the second Tevarin war had begun. Taking advantage of the situation, Black Suns started to join the UEE military, investing for the long term. After the second war, Black Suns became in-rooted in several other organizations, corporations, and the UEE, furthering their reach on the known systems.

The Black Suns held a massive amount of reach and influence, extending their tendrils of corruption deep in the various interstellar governments. they were infamous for there involvement in piracy and smuggling. But piracy and smuggling were just the tip of the iceberg of the interstellar syndicate. Black Suns were involved in every known type of illegal activity; with information, networks surpassed even the accuracy and scope of Imperial Intelligence. The resources available to the Black Suns rivaled those belonging to a large planetary army, including foot soldiers.


Fall of the Black Suns TBD


After, the fall of the Black Suns Crime Syndicate, Commander James I. Solus, of Borea, Magnus secured the role of Archduke and is currently attempting to bring the Blacks Suns back to its former seat of power in the verse. With the integration of the new Archduke, a new business model is reconstructing the way the universe views the formally infamous syndicate. As the shift to becoming more lawful and honorable, the Black Suns have been approached with various accusations on the intentions for the lateral change. Archduke Solus, attempts to dispute said claims, via operating more transparently and engaging in more morally inclined contracts, while still maintaining connections with the underground markets; “I believe if one wishes to operate outside the law, it’s still very important to understand why and how said laws work and to do what’s most beneficial for those affected by them.”. Archduke Solus has formed several alliances over his rule, some wishing to remain private as the now grey organization reforms.


Affiliated Orgs:
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What is freedom to you?
Is it the ability to choose your fate, to pursue your goals without limits, or perhaps the absence of tyrants who would stifle your efforts?

Black Suns delivers by offering aid to those who lack the means, troops to those who cannot afford, and justice against those who would terrorize freely. To pursue and share culture, knowledge, and treasures from the outer most depths of space with the common man. To be part of a family, to always have each other’s backs. We follow a code that is strict, but fair. To join this org isn’t to sign your life away, but to join a group that will better all lives in the ‘verse.

So what is freedom?
It’s Unbound by society, It’s to be Unrestricted in your pursuits, to be Unchained by the limitations we set for ourselves.


The Black Suns is an opportunist Banu themed Organization that focuses on discretion and facilitates exploration, brokering, smuggling, bounty hunting, and various other opportunities. We put more of a focus on how we do something vs what it is. Unbound by the societal concepts of right and wrong, our code allows us to tread resolute on the grey line that leads to true freedom. Black Suns is a “Grey” organization available for hire in the Star Citizen universe. Our bespoke services ensure our client’s needs and expectations are always met to the highest standard. Prospects are rigorously screened to guarantee excellence is the common denominator.


To help clarify some things about what Black Suns is and how we wish to affect the verse, we will be listing a few things that the org hold in value as far as community-related things. Please note this particular module is a work in progress and will be refined.

Black Suns has a government type comparable to a Democratic Oligarchy. The org’s governing body consists of many different councils that work together to ensure separation of power and to let everyone in the org have a more defined voice. The high council consists of 5 people, the Archduke who directs the org and deals with public opinion, Division Leaders aka Dukes/Duchesses, and the Grande Inquisitor, Head of Internal Affairs. Under that, we have several smaller Advisory Councils under each division leader that consists of around 5 Counts. Who manages mostly with squads and help move concerns or recommendations up the ladder, to ensure popular opinion is always in the loop.

Black Suns is classified as a Freelance and Resource org due to being mostly focused on Contracted Freelancing, gathering, and redistribution of resources. We also are a regular committed group in general though activity expectations will differ depending on rank. Lower ranked members have minimal activity requirements where say someone in the government will have a higher expected activity. The org is also, marked as exclusive not because we only accept main members, but because a lot of resources and benefits are only available to full members. Anyone can apply to the org and have a chance to join even if we aren’t their main org. We do however have a screening process to ensure that there is no conflict of interests. Black Suns plan on engaging in light role play orbiting more on the lines of immersive gameplay interactions.

Supporters of:
  • Open Markets
  • Solo Players
  • Small Organizations
  • Scientific Advancement
  • Live Bounties and Captives
  • Readily Accessible Resources and Information
Opposers of:
  • Griefing
  • Wanton Violence
  • Marauding
  • Oppression of Sentient Beings


The Black Suns offer a number of services including, but not limited to the following.
  • Private Security and Escorts
  • Scouting
  • Brokering
  • Info Running
  • Passenger Transport
  • Smuggling
  • Grey Marketing
  • Black Marketing
  • Bounty Hunting
  • Salvage
  • Exploration
  • Data Mining
  • Extractions


Divisions are simply a way to place specific jobs/roles together. Divisions will all work together in some form. Larger vessels will be made of squads from all divisions and will each be in charge of specific departments on the vessel. The Remnant [Combat]
  • Security
  • Scouts
  • Marines
  • Commandos
  • Bounty Hunters
The Exchange [Commerce]
  • Couriers
  • Smugglers
  • Traders
  • Miners
  • Salvagers
The Seekers [Research]
  • Medics
  • Intelligence
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Explorers




  1. Only attack other players in self-defense, killing is only allowed when all other options have been exhausted.
  2. Be a loyal brother and a good neighbor, you must conduct yourself with honor and respect.
  3. The contract is sacred, once accepted you will do everything in your power to bring it to completion.
  4. You will put the needs of the org over yours, in return, the org will ensure you are looked after.
^All members are expected to be active in our community in some shape or form. If you are a member you must participate in our current form of communication which is as of now “[discord]”


Whether you are a high-ranking member, a grunt or anything in between, being a Black Sun means you are part of a community which upholds a code of ethics which must be upheld.

It all boils down to Respect.

Respect is paramount to the fabric of Black Suns, we must show respect to players in and out of the game, regardless of whether they are fellow members or not, behaving in an inappropriate way will lead to our reputation being tarnished or invaluable members leaving, weakening us and ultimately diminishing our dream.

It is expected of every member to behave appropriately and to be mature enough to understand that everything has a time and a place.


  1. @here or everyone can only be used by the high council and those appointed to do so.
  2. No spamming or soliciting
  3. No Nudity
  4. Be Respectful to people and organizations
  5. Use the correct channel to discuss topics

A person who is unaware of a rule may not escape liability for violating that rule merely because one was unaware of its content.

Rules will be enforced by the high council and those appointed to moderate.

We may delete any post deemed to be a minor violation without notice or explanation.

Severe violations will result in a warning or a ban.

Rules are subject to change without prior notice.