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Black Suns / BLKSUNS

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Organization Overview

Black Suns takes inspiration from the Banu, who lack a rigid hierarchy. Like them, we work on projects through internal contracts. Our organization focuses on treasure hunting, crafting unique items, and trading with the wider Star Citizen community. We value our community and encourage teamwork and friendship. We welcome members who enjoy thoughtful discussion and meaningful game experiences. Acquire • Craft • Sell



The Black Suns were formed roughly during the First Tevarin war. During the early stages of the war, the already anarchic Hathor system, aka Nexus, grew even more chaotic, overwhelming the already stretched-thin UPE Military. Taking advantage of the situation, several prominent gangsters joined together and began seizing control of neighborhoods of Nexus III. With this, in reference to the gangsters, denizens of the lower levels coined the phrase “better a black sun than none,” and the Black Suns Nexus gang was born. The Black Suns quickly carved out a territory and developed spice and weapons trafficking operations. After the war, Black Suns’ influence stretched beyond the Nexus system, and the gang became an organized criminal syndicate.

As the Second Tevarin War loomed, the UEE began to comprehend the full extent of the Black Suns’ infiltration. Special forces like the Advocacy were mobilized to reclaim the sectors under their control. However, before the UEE could fully regain control, the second Tevarin war erupted. Seizing this chaotic moment, the Black Suns strategically integrated themselves into the UEE military, investing for the long term. Post-war, the Black Suns’ influence permeated several other organizations, corporations, and even the UEE, extending their reach across the known systems.

The Black Suns held massive reach and influence, extending their tendrils of corruption deep into the various interstellar governments. They were infamous for their involvement in piracy and smuggling. But piracy and smuggling were just the tip of the iceberg of the interstellar syndicate. Black Suns were involved in every known type of illegal activity; with information, networks surpassed even the accuracy and scope of Imperial Intelligence. The resources available to the Black Suns rivaled those of a large planetary army, including foot soldiers.


Fall of the Black Suns TBD


After the fall of the Black Suns Crime Syndicate, Commander James I. Solus of Borea, Magnus secured the role of Archduke and is currently attempting to bring the Black Suns back to its former seat of power in the verse. With the integration of the new Archduke, a new business model is reconstructing how the universe views the formally infamous syndicate. As the shift to becoming more lawful and honorable, the Black Suns have been approached with various accusations on the intentions for the lateral change. Archduke Solus attempts to dispute said claims by operating more transparently and engaging in more morally inclined contracts while still maintaining connections with the underground markets; “I believe if one wishes to operate outside the law, it’s still essential to understand why and how said laws work and to do what’s most beneficial for those affected by them.”. Archduke Solus has formed several alliances over his rule, some wishing to remain private as the now grey organization reforms.


Why Join Black Suns?


What does freedom mean within the vast expanses of the Persistent Universe?
At Black Suns, an opportunist, Banu-inspired organization, freedom is about embracing autonomy and engaging with the universe on our own terms. We specialize in a wide range of discreet operations that span brokering, asset acquisitions, couriering, manufacturing, mercantile commerce, and beyond. We empower our members to choose their paths and pursue their goals unrestrained by conventional limits.

As a “Grey” organization within the Star Citizen Persistent Universe, we operate beyond the binary of right and wrong. Our members are not just encouraged but expected to develop self-awareness and problem-solving skills that resonate with our core mission—delivering high-standard, bespoke services tailored to each contract’s unique needs. This commitment to excellence isn’t just about meeting expectations but about surpassing them, ensuring every contract is a step toward more remarkable achievements.

Joining Black Suns means more than just aligning with a purpose-driven community. It’s about becoming part of a close-knit family that stands by each other, providing support and sharing in the wealth of experiences that space offers. Our merit-based structure ensures that all members bring their best, contributing to a collective journey of growth and discovery.

So, what is freedom?
In the realm of Black Suns, it’s about living with purpose and direction, solving challenges creatively, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible—all while navigating the grey spaces that define our universe. This is the path to true freedom— Unbound, Unrestricted, and Unchained. Better a Black Sun.

Who are the Black Suns?

- Purpose: To navigate the frontiers of space, providing unmatched services in strategic marketing and tactical operations.
- Business: Specializing in discreet operations such as brokering, asset acquisitions, crafting services, and more within the Star Citizen universe.
- Values: Autonomy, excellence, and integrity, with a commitment to a grey moral code that respects both freedom and responsibility.
- Vision: To be a pioneering force in the Star Citizen universe, continually expanding the boundaries of what is possible.
- Commitment: To foster a supportive community that values each member’s growth and success.
- Audience: Gamers and participants in the Star Citizen universe looking for a supportive and dynamic community with complex, engaging operations.


Purpose: Black Suns is dedicated to mastering the art of opportunity within the vast expanses of the Star Citizen universe. Our organization specializes in a range of services. We empower our members to pursue their goals with autonomy, leveraging our expertise to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities in uncharted territories.
Business: Our operations are diverse and strategically focused on areas that allow for high autonomy and discretion. We excel in brokering deals, securing valuable assets, and navigating the complexities of manufacturing and overclocking services. This varied business approach ensures that we are always at the forefront of market needs and opportunities within the dynamic environment of Star Citizen.
Values: At the core of Black Suns lies a commitment to autonomy, collective responsibility, and ethical flexibility. Our members are encouraged to act with integrity and strive for excellence in every mission. We operate beyond the conventional binary of right and wrong, focusing instead on the principles of autonomy and mastery. Our morally grey approach allows us to thrive, ensuring that our actions prioritize the freedom to operate independently while maintaining a commitment to the broader goals of the organization and its members.
Vision: Our vision is to be recognized as a vanguard in the Star Citizen universe, pushing the frontiers of manufacturing and commerce. Black Suns aims to continuously explore new possibilities and expand the horizons of what is achievable, setting new standards for innovation and excellence in the galaxy.
Commitment: Black Suns is more than just an organization; it is a community. We are committed to fostering an environment that supports the personal and professional growth of our members. Through rigorous screening and continuous development, we ensure that every member contributes to and benefits from our collective success. Our organization is a family that stands together, sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences to achieve a common dream.
Audience: Our target audience includes engaged Star Citizen players who are not just looking for a guild but a community that supports and enhances their in-game and real-life aspirations. Black Suns appeal to those who value flexibility, challenging engagements, and the opportunity to be part of a group that prides itself on effectiveness, loyalty, and the pursuit of ambitious goals.

Structure [WIP]:

To help clarify some things about what Black Suns is and how we wish to affect the verse, we will be listing a few things that the org hold in value as far as community-related things. Please note this particular module is a work in progress and will be refined.

Black Suns operate through a governance structure combining aspects of federalism, oligarchy, and a touch of autocracy, ensuring both efficiency and broad representation. At the top of our governance hierarchy sits the High Council, led by an Archduke. The Archduke spearheads external affairs, holds the role of council moderator with veto power, and is the ultimate decision-maker, ensuring that decisions align with our group’s direction. This council includes division leaders, such as Dukes/Duchesses, who oversee various segments of our organization, and a Grand Inquisitor overseeing internal affairs. Below the High Council are divisional Advisory Committees led by Counts/Countesses ensure localized management and responsiveness, allowing squad-level concerns and recommendations to flow upwards. This structure ensures that power is distributed across different layers of the organization while maintaining a centralized oversight to effectively manage and integrate diverse opinions and strategies while facilitating decisive leadership at the top.

Black Suns is classified as a Freelance and Resource org due to being mostly focused on Contracted Freelancing, gathering, and redistribution of resources. We also are a regular committed group in general though activity expectations will differ depending on rank. Lower ranked members have minimal activity requirements where say someone in the government will have a higher expected activity. The org is also, marked as exclusive not because we only accept main members, but because a lot of resources and benefits are only available to full members. Anyone can apply to the org and have a chance to join even if we aren’t their main org. We do however have a screening process to ensure that there is no conflict of interests. Black Suns plan on engaging in light role play orbiting more on the lines of immersive gameplay interactions.




  1. Be a loyal brother and a good neighbor; you must conduct yourself with integrity and respect.
  2. You will put the org’s needs over yours; in return, the org will ensure you are looked after.
  3. The contract is sacred; once accepted, you will do everything in your power to complete it.
  4. Shoot to disable and only kill in defense of the org or oneself when all other options have been exhausted.
^All members are expected to be active in our community in some shape or form. If you are a member, you must participate in our current form of communication, which is, as of now, “[discord]”


Whether you are a high-ranking member, a grunt or anything in between, being a Black Sun means you are part of a community which upholds a code of ethics which must be upheld.

It all boils down to Respect.

Respect is paramount to the fabric of Black Suns, we must show respect to players in and out of the game, regardless of whether they are fellow members or not, behaving in an inappropriate way will lead to our reputation being tarnished or invaluable members leaving, weakening us and ultimately diminishing our dream.

It is expected of every member to behave appropriately and to be mature enough to understand that everything has a time and a place.


  1. @here or everyone can only be used by the high council and those appointed to do so.
  2. No spamming or soliciting
  3. No Nudity
  4. Be Respectful to people and organizations
  5. Use the correct channel to discuss topics

A person who is unaware of a rule may not escape liability for violating that rule merely because one was unaware of its content.

Rules will be enforced by the high council and those appointed to moderate.

We may delete any post deemed to be a minor violation without notice or explanation.

Severe violations will result in a warning or a ban.

Rules are subject to change without prior notice.