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Roberts Space Industries ®

XenoTech Industries / TQR

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Strength Through Discipline, Power Through Knowledge, Courage Through Wisdom.

“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” -Edgar Allen Poe

Please visit our main site if you are interested in joining TQR.


Some folk we never forget. Some kind we never forgive.

This organization page is for general information purpose only. If you are interested in joining or if you have any questions please visit our main site at

The recruitment poster is courtesy of Misty Paradox, the graphic designer of TQR.


The current aim of The Quiet Resistance is to establish a secure line of travel trade out to the rim near Vanduul territory to give explorers, traders, and scientists seeking to travel further out a better edge. We seek to ensure that there will be safe neutral ports for all to be able to do business in the rim thus allowing greater trade and exploration opportunities beyond the secured space of the UEE.

Live free and live forever!


Leader of The Quiet Resistance L Dragoonlord0

Fleet Operations Division
1. Security Jobs
2. VIP/Player Escorts
3. General Mercenary Work

Commander DragoonLord0 Crew MrDerf Soulreaper SamuraiGamma Lady_Red

Exploration/Trading Division
1. Exploration of unknown areas of space in search of assets and resources usable by TQR and our partners.
2. Exploration of Planets, Moons etc… for archeological findings
3. Trade jobs, including the transport of goods securely from the supplier to it’s destination.

Commander Manic_Machiavelli Misty Paradox Crew MCPObr44 willsp

Logistics Division
1. Rescue Operations
2. Internal Affairs
3. Bounty Hunting Jobs

Commander AlistarGray Crew