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Utter Pirates Transport and Escort Company / UPTEC

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Hi! Welcome, what can we do for you today? Looking to buy or sell? Do you need something moved, or disposed of? Maybe you got skills in these departments, look for the small Recruitment sign in the back, and we’ll take care of you.


As one of the founding organisations for Redd Faction Periwinkle, UPTEC despite its modest size has punched above, and managed to keep pace with the best of them.


UPTEC is pushing the limits of known space in the name of profit. UPTEC will be on the frontier, looking for new systems, trading opportunities, and hauling high-demand cargo. Our policy is just to provide a framework, a set of tools, and help our members have fun and profit anyway we can.


Version: 1.0 – Ratified on the 24 September 2013

This document outlines the structure of UPTEC as well as a basic constitution to ensure all members understand how UPTEC is operated.

Officers are volunteers from the original group of founding members and nominated members. Officers represent UPTEC in an official capacity, administrate the guild, and fulfil any obligations set out to maintain status as a Member Organisation of the ReddFaction.

Officers can nominate members to become officers, this requires all officers to be in agreement before a new officer can be officially promoted. A special supplement to this is a temporary promotion to officer for up to one month, an absolute majority of the officers must agree to this.

Members are volunteers and agree to work towards the advancement of the guild and in agreement with the rules described below.

Members are expected to:

  • Uphold standards of respect and common decency to all Citizens of the Verse.
  • Maintain a social and active presence within UPTEC.
  • Provide support to other members and UPTEC whenever possible.
  • Assist in any military action or intervention of mutual benefit to themselves and UPTEC whenever possible.

Official Ships are:

  • Owned by members but offered to the guild for official business.
  • Be given a Utter Pirates Craft (UPC) tag and official skin.

Guild Ships are:

  • Ships purchased by a group of members and are jointly owned.
  • These ships are used for official guild business.

In the case of dispute between members an officer will provide mediation. This officer must be mutually agreed to be impartial by both parties before proceedings are undertaken.
The outcome of said mediation may require:

  • Financial compensation from one party to the other
  • Physical segregation of parties within the verse for a period of up to one month.
  • Surrender of vessel or equipment from one party to the other

If mediation fails, a laser pistol duel or a dogfight engagement may be requested with ships of an acceptable and equal standard provided by UPTEC in order to determine the outcome. This must be agreed to by both parties, the mediating officer and by an absolute majority of the officers. Such a duel must be undertaken in a public forum.

In extreme circumstances a member may be ejected from the guild. This requires all officers and an absolute majority of members to be in agreement. The involved parties are not permitted a vote on their future.

This document is created and signed off by all of the following officers on the dates listed. For further revisions all officers must be in agreement with the exception of minor revisions (in blue) that are dependent on external factors such as game mechanics or alliance constitutions.

Officers (in alphabetical order) Signed and Dated:

Version 1.0:
4drian – 23 September 2013
IceBone – 23 September 2013
Kniphe – 24 September 2013
loose_unit – 23 September 2013
NightKhaos – 23 September 2013
Suedschleife – 24 September 2013
ZeDestructor00 – 23 September 2013