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We are essentially a social group in that we do a little bit of everything and enjoy doing it with friends. We are a Mandalorian clan, a tight knit community of friends and family. We watch out for one another, help each other out, and in general have a great time doing whatever it is we want to do.


Current Day

Moving into the Star Citizen universe we are looking to establish security and prosperity for our clan and fellow Mandalorians. We are currently in the Mandalorian alliance with hundreds of Mandos across several other Mandalorian clans. We hope to work together with all our fellow Mandalorians in cooperation towards building a better base for us all.

Recent Years

The Vemod Clan transitioned into Star Wars: The Old Republic from date of release and stuck with it for years. However, we never found it to be a perfect fit for our group. Never the less, we did participate in many of the PvE end game content with the mantra to never look up information on how to conquer a fight. We believe in our own strength and our ability to overcome any challenge; which we have proven time and time again.

However, that game alone couldn’t support us. So we have other interests to keep ourselves occupied and together as we wait for Star Citizen. Now as the universe is beginning to take shape we eagerly look forward to moving into the next chapter for our clan.

Back in the Day

The Clan dates back to Star Wars Galaxies. Founded there under a different name but a similar premise, “Help its members advance and have fun.” We eventually became the unofficial special forces group of the server for PvP. We would be called upon when opposition held fortifications that the faction couldn’t break otherwise. We would frequently run our own PvE end game ‘raids’ with gaps in our group, just to fill them with random individuals who didn’t have the resources to do them otherwise. It is here that our mercenary activities began. We were an active part of the community until the game shut down in 2011. We miss the game and the people we had to leave behind when it all ended.


I believe this is the part where normally we insert some flashy statement about being the best in some way or how we are pushing some envelop. Simple fact is when someone is looking for a group most of the time they are looking for a support structure, for folks who can help them reach new success that would be unreachable alone.

Often in life; its less about what you do and more about who you share it with.

The primary reason for the clan is to provide a community for like minded gamers. People who want to make true friendships and have a support structure to do far more then they could alone. We support our members in any personal endeavors they want to do, as long as they do not interfere with the interest of the clan itself or give us the wrong reputation.

What and who are Mandalorians? Put simply, we are a warrior culture. That is to say:

– We Live by a code of honor. We are not underhanded or dishonest, and if we give our word then we will hold true to it.

– We are for the most part nomadic. Huddling all together in one fixed place makes an easy target to crush. So we largely carry our lives with us. That’s why we have a culture that is not linked to any one spot, it can easily be carried around with us. That is not to say we may not settle down and make home time to time, but it is a home we can pack up and move if need be.

– We share a strong sense of family. And the clan is family, brothers and sisters all. We are all ready and willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the whole. Chip in a few credits to help buy a new clan warship, spend some fuel to pickup a stranded brother, get your backside shot off defending a clan member. We do plenty of whatever we want to do for our own individual personal gain. But very often are we doing something as a team with a shared goal in communal gain.

– We are diverse. We do not discriminate. We care not about gender, age, race, nationality, or whatever else. We also do not have a rank system, and all of our people are seen as equals in the clan. This is not a business nor some military, but a society. On order to be a complete and self sufficient society we have plenty of individuals who are not in combat roles; traders, miners, manufactures, ect. Although every Mando may not be a front line fighter…..

– We do not fear conflict. Not to say that we are bloodthirsty savages whom only know how to solve problems through violence. But when threatened or if the need arises every Mandalorian is a competent fighter. A society of diverse individuals able to coalesce into an army in an instant.

– We believe in equality. We do not bother with ranks. We are a collaborative society. There are roles and jobs to do, but a member is a member. All members are equal. Anyone that vows to be Mandalorian gets to ‘walk on the virgin snow field’. Meaning they come in with a clean slate; no one cares who you were, where you came from, or what you did before you were Mando. From that day forward you start anew in this clan, only judged by what you do going forward. We will treat you as family, so long as you do the same.

We do accept new members. Anyone is welcome to try us out and see if we are a good fit for each other. See if it works for you, no obligation or strings attached.


As a Mandalorian clan our priority is each other. We do things for personal gain as well, but in general what we do is to benefit our community. We pool resources to help when one of us is in need. We band together to conquer challenges. We help one another when threatened by any foe. Your clan mates have always got your back, so you watch theirs.


Ranks are not used. A member of the clan is a member. New recruits to the clan do go through a trial period of restricted access for security purposes. All officers/leaders are designated purely to serve a necessary function; in other words they are just doing another job. Refer to our Spectrum forums for details.


We are warrior, that means we will not be bullies. There is no honor in preying on those weaker than us. We fight with honor, and relish the challenge of a worthy adversary. We are not squeamish about taking out those who get in our way. And those who are foolish enough to threaten either us or our allies, we will destroy.

General Rules of Engagement (ROE):
- All fights should be fair. It should not take 2 clan mates to kill a solo mustang. When traveling with your vode most fights should be 1v1. There are some targets that require a team effort, and in those cases it is fine to team up.

-Pad camping or spawn camping is a cowards tactic. We are not cowards.

-Do not fire unless fired upon. This may be not applicable in the case of a job, mission, or other tasking which necessitate aggressive behavior. In general however, we are not some petty gang attacking everything that moves.


In general members should not be disrespectful to outsiders. Although they are not our primary concern, pissing people off rarely proves beneficial. You never know who will be useful in the future, as a source of work or as an ally. Nor can you know who might one day become a powerful enemy.