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The Vanguardians Of The Verse / VGUARDIANS

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Security
  • Scouting

The Vanguardians are a fighting force of Vanguards.
Intended to act within Operation Pitchfork, the intent is to train together and continue operating together in live PU after Star Citizen goes live.
Membership is open to Vanguard owners plus those wishing to man turrets and pilot spare ships.


An elite force fighting for the civilised ‘verse, an offshoot of the Vanguard Owner’s Club . Originally “The Vanguardians of the Galaxy”

Our forces quickly grew, we jumped to a force of 10 Vanguards, then 24, then 36, now we have over 50 Vanguards in timezone-based squadrons.
Present Squadrons are:
  • Rocket Squadron (GMT -4 to -12: US, Canada, South America, Caribbean…)
  • Star-Lord Squadron (GMT -4 to +4: Europe, Africa…)
  • Gamora Squadron (GMT -+4 to +12: Australia, Japan…)
  • This is not set in stone, people can join a squadron that suits their playing times
  • As numbers grow, we may have multiple squadrons per time
  • Orgs with a full squadron of Vanguards are welcome to join as an Org Squadron

The goal has always been to keep this a cross-organisation group
p. Joining this group is not compulsory to become a Vanguardian. Joining will, however, probably help with organisation and communication within the verse. As such, I am considering requiring membership for flight leaders, squadron leaders, and commanders.


We are a force of Vanguards dedicated to the protection of Humanity and other civilised species. We operate as a Quick Reaction / Recon Force. Our priorities are:

1: Subordination
When embedded in a large task-force such as Operation PitchFork, orders recieved through the chain of command are our #1 Priority

2: Salvation
Answer distress calls where possible and practical

3: Support
After a distress call has been resolved, if there isn’t another battle in progress, Vanguardians may offer to see distressed ships to the closest safe place.

4: Scout
Find potential targets, warn allies of danger.

5: Skirmish
Scouting is bound to turn up opportunities. Guerilla Warfare utilising Harbingers and Sentinels with Warden escorts is likely to see good success

6: Strike
Some targets we might find that take more than one flight of Vanguards to take down. In this case we’ll reform, maybe swap BUKs, and head in as a Squadron.

We swear to go the extra mile (we have loads of fuel), Reach the top of the highest mountain (we can fly), and take the bullets aimed at the weak (we’re pretty well armoured, they’ll probably just bounce off). h6.


We fly far; we fly together.
We hear cries for help; we answer.
We remain vigilant.
When the time comes, we die with honour.

The Vanguardians have a special command, “Code 42”
  • This command can only be invoked by 4- or 5-star officers. It means the battle line has been drawn.
  • All active Vanguardians should attempt to reach the battle if able.
  • No Retreat – Victory or Death.
  • The command can only be repealed by an officer of the same rank or higher.