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We are the Windbourne Highlanders – Lost Division. Accept no substitutions nor counterfeits. Be it Combat & Security,
Exploration & Reconnaissance, or Logistics & Support, the Windbourne Highlanders have a place for you or your business.


We are a band of brothers and sisters, riding the Winds of Battle in these unstable times. Sworn to protect each other and our families, we offer up our services as mercenaries, earning the money needed in order to stay independent and free. We keep to a strict code of honour in our dealings with each other and our customers, as we strive to be the greatest and best mercenary corps in all the universe.

We are the Windbourne Highlanders.

The Winds shall carry us on!


The Windbourne Highlanders had existed as a unit for the game MechWarrior Online for almost a year, when Chris Roberts revealed his new game, Star Citizen (SC). Quite a few members were very interested in SC, and after some deliberation it was decided that instead of making the MWO Highlanders a multi-gaming group, we would create an independent sister-unit for SC. That way we would be able to handle recruitment independently and adapt our organizational structure to better fit the SC-‘verse.

We were the first dedicated mercenary unit to post a recruitment thread on the forums, back in 2012, and have been evolving and growing ever since.

Today, with a strong command structure, active and enthusiastic membership and many business contacts already established, we are looking towards a bright future for ourselves and those who’ll fly under our protection.


We will offer armed escort, defense and security details, as well as other services in the upcoming game Star Citizen. To that end, we welcome players of various ages and walks of life to come and join us on our journey to become the greatest and most well-known mercenary corps of the Star Citizen Universe.

If you are as excited about Star Citizen as we are and want to live the mercenary life in this vast universe, then join us.

Our Unit is sub-divided into three Sections to ensure that we are always at peak efficiency. The three Sections are:

Combat & Security

Our main force. These are the warriors that make us what we are: A mercenary, para-military unit.

Roughly 60% of our total strength will be assigned to this section at any given time.

Members of C&S will fulfill assigned contracts, collect bounties and fly escort for members of other Sections. They will also be tasked with the protection of our base(s), capital ships and any friendlies within range.

Exploration & Reconnaissance

Our eyes and ears. These brave souls will be our scouts, trailblazers and information gatherers. Though mostly acting alone or in small, covert teams, they will be able to call in backup quickly.

10-30% of our total strength will be assigned to this section at any given time.

Members of E&R will be tasked with keeping us abreast of any new developments, critical intelligence and general news. They will also scout ahead of combat groups to keep us informed of danger. Additionally, they may go on exploration trips to find possible new locations for bases, alien tech or anything else that could benefit the Windbourne Highlanders.

Logistics & Support

Our more peaceful brethren. Members of this section will be responsible for keeping us prepped and supplied. They will also generate additional income through trading, with the added benefit of always having access to an armed escort loyal to the last man and/or woman.

10-30% of our total strength will be assigned to this section at any given time.

Members of L&S will ensure that our base(s) and fleet are well supplied at all times. Additionally they can generate extra income for themselves and the unit through trading and other merchant activities. They might also be called upon to haul or salvage anything discovered by our E&R section.

IMPORTANT: A Section gives the pilots a “Focus”. It is not a rigid jacket that prohibits you from doing anything else! Ideally, a Highlander should spend approximately 60-70% of his or her time on jobs pertaining to their Section. Choose your section based on what you’d like to be doing most often, but rest assured that you can participate in other missions and/or vocations within the unit at almost any given time.

This Organization is a participant of the Allied Security Council



We will conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships with fellow Windbourne Highlanders, being honest and truthful in our dealings with each other and even with those outside our squadron. All members will abide by an uncompromising code of integrity, taking responsibility for our actions, keeping our word, and being accountable for our professional and personal behavior. There is no greater disgrace than to lose one’s honor.

  1. Honour your word to the best of your ability.
  2. Respect all Windbourne Highlanders. Even if you don’t agree with someone, there are proper ways to state your opinions without being rude or obscene.
  3. Always be courteous to all players that have not wronged you, and remain professional to those who may have.
  4. Remember to be aware of the feelings of other Windbourne Highlanders and players you encounter.
  5. We do not exploit, cheat or use bugs to our advantage.
  6. In combat, we do not taunt or insult the opposing team. We are above that.


Displaying courage gives us firmness of mind and determination in the face of extreme danger or difficulty. Courage gives us the temperament to maintain our own or the groups morale when opposed or threatened.

  1. We do not abandon contracts for self-serving reasons. If there is a shred of doubt that you might not be able to complete a contract, DO NOT ACCEPT IT.
  2. We do not lose our resolve in difficult fights. Though our fighters may be destroyed, every destruction should be a learning experience. Your wing-mates and the contractor are counting on you to have the courage and fortitude to push forward.
  3. We stand by our contracts and terms of services. If we accept a contract, we fulfill it by the letter!


Loyalty to yourself, to the Windbourne and to our allies should be upheld with the highest regard. There is no greater honour than being faithful and true in allegiance to your squadron, your wingmen, and allies.

  1. If you are found to have an application with another unit or squadron, we will consider that a display of your desire to leave the Windbourne Highlanders, and we will be more than happy to remove you from the unit. This is not open to discussion or debate.
  2. If for any reason you leave the squadron, depending on your reason for leaving, you may be eligible for another invite. There must be at least three officers or 5 members that will support your return to the Highlanders. Once re-invited, the player will be placed at the lowest rank and tagged as a new recruit, which means a two week probationary period will be in place before he or she can again take on higher responsibilities.
  3. If you are dismissed from the Windbourne Highlanders for misconduct, rudeness, selfishness, or general disrespect of the unit or its allies, all members will be publicly told why you were dismissed. We are pretty easy going, but if you insult someone for no reason or put another Highlander down, you get one warning. If you continue your misconduct, you will be dealt with severely.

Important Note: The severity in breaches of this code123 and the circumstances of your offense(s) will be judged by the Command Staff of the Windbourne Highlanders – Lost Division.

1 If you are found to be in minor violation of this code, you will have earned yourself a one day vacation from the unit.

2 If you are found to be in major violation of this code, you will have earned yourself a week to a month’s vacation from the unit.

3 If you are found to be in gross violation of this code, you no longer have a place in the Windbourne Highlanders – Lost Division.