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“Up there the world is divided into bastards and suckers. Make your choice.”

— Derek Robinson


Between February 20–25, 1944, as part of the European strategic bombing campaign, the United States Strategic Air Forces launched Operation Argument, a series of missions against the Third Reich over a six-day period (hence the name) that became known as BigWeek.

This organization honors the brave aircrews that served in Argument and other historic flight operations…


Air Warrior and Monkeys
by Ho

Air Warrior is like the Empire State Building. And Air Warriors are like monkeys.

When you first start you’re a little, organ-grinder size monkey standing on the street outside. Looking up you see a building swarming with hostile monkeys of all different shapes and sizes. Monkeys are born to climb, and there ain’t no Fay Wrays standing on the street, so instinct takes over and soon you’re jousting for a handhold and making your way up the wall.

Some are Fast Monkeys. A bit of natural ability combined with an in depth knowledge of climbing. They become familiar with the cracks and crevices of the particular building and begin to apply their knowledge within those parameters. Soon they are climbing, dodging, or scramblin right over some of the bigger monkeys and snatchin bananas from the slower ones, growing bigger.

Others are Scrappy Monkeys. These monkeys spend extra time practicing. They ask lots of questions and live for the chance to go toe to toe with the bigger monkeys. They punch, kick, bite, claw, and spit at the monkeys above them. Scarred, bloody, and with big ol’chuncks of fur ripped out their monkey butts they keep hammerin. Occasionally they land a good blow, right in the monkey ‘nards, and topple a bigger monkey. This inspires them to fight even harder. Soon they learn where to hit and when to duck. They begin to take their share of bananas.

Then there’s the Hungry Monkeys. “Mo ‘nanas!, mo ‘nanas!” they chant as they cling to the wall from 6:01 pm til 7:59 am. Calculating that mo’nanas go to the monkey with mo hangtime they know that if they hang long enough they will get mo than their share of the ‘nanas. Of course they need deep pockets to sustain this frenzy, can’t eat all them ‘nanas at once, and are prone to the dreaded “Banana Split”. They must be very careful, lest they wind up another furry puddle of monkey guts in some alley off 34th street.

Also ya got yer Techno Monkeys. Bumpy FrankenSchwanz in each paw, electrode catheters up their tail, anti-lock stainless steel vine swingers attached to their feet, gold plated groin clamps feeding g-inducing jugular valves hooked into the fastest system available, with the biggest monitor, tuned to peak performance and cranking out thru a megagigawatt, 3D, multi-usual Krakatoa Banana Blaster, these monkeys spend alot of time diddlin with their gadgets and tweaking their way up the wall.

And, we got MacGyver Monkeys. Riding systems that time forgot with nothing more than a handful of Froot Loops and a pile of bat guano they use every trick in the book, and plenty that ain’t, to squirm their way heavenward. Always heavy, uncovering obscure and hidden bananas, they invent their way along using every micro-ounce of every banana that they manage to ensnare, even to the point of using the peels for clothing and shelter.

Advancing their altitudinous aspirations, AW Monkeys invariably encounter the various denizens of the virtual Jungle.

Most encounter the Hurler Monkey first. Kinda like chimps, these sociable chaps gather in large communal halls, spending their time practicing monkey yells and poking each other in the navel. Once in awhile they venture out for a climb but are much happier chillin with heir mates on the middle floors, flingin monkey turds and grinnin at all that pass by.

Out on the wall a common first encounter is with a Sumo Monkey. these are the veteran Hungry Monkeys. They’ve been there twice, done that backwards. All the nonessential flotsam has been skimmed and the essence of the climb congealed to a Zen like “See monkey, knock monkey down” philosophy. When ya hear “Monkey X took my ‘nana 16 times in a row one day”, monkey X is most likely a Sumo.

No avoiding it, eventually every climber crosses ledges with Tribal Monkeys wearing the skins of dead monkeys, gathering in private branches painted in various warlike colors, they belch, fart, thump n headbutt their way around looking for others to belch, fart, thump n headbutt with. An astute climber can get a good belly full a slightly bruised ‘nanas by finding an area where 2 or more groups of tribal monkeys have been thump n headbuttin.

Look way up there, see that fuzzy lil dot? That there’s a Vulcher Monkey. High above the crowd, with a 10K alt advantage on next week, they float. Looking for the unsuspecting or hurtin climber, sporting k/ds over 8000 and k/ss around .0125, their motto is – “where there’s smoke… we fire! (but only after the monkey that caused the smoke has been kilt first”.

Legend has it that in the penthouses are the Wrinkled Monkeys. Rarely climbing, (hey yer in the penthouse, why climb more?) they only venture out under dark glasses. They have the rare and exotic ‘nanas. Highly sought but useless to but a few climbers that are twisted enough to understand their full meaning, the Wrinks are content to live on past glory. They enjoy tossing an occasional ‘nana out the window just to see how many climbers fall off trying to grab it.

And, of course, The Kong Monkeys. At the peak of prosperity, clinging to the radio tower, chest pounding, Fay grabbin, teeth gnashing, flicking planes away as tho they were insects, we find the Kngs. Keelin, scorin, the anchors of their respective tribal units, when a climber see a Kong Monkey on the wall he heads for another country. Whole tribal units have been de-‘nana-ed by single Kong Monkeys. Just when Joe Avg Monkey thinks he’s seen everything, along comes a Kong Monkey and gives that girl a twirl and makes her whole wurl swirl. Clashes between Kongs can sometimes alter the entire shape of the wall, cause the climb to take a whole nuther direction, provide lotsa ammo for the Hurlers…

The ‘Nanas are fresher and sweeter and as of now there aren’t many Kongs to keep you from those Hooter laden Fays.

Fast Monkeys can get a preview of every nook and cranny. Scrappy Monkeys can test there mettle on a bigger, steeper wall. Hungry Monkeys? Mo ‘nanas, nuff said. Hey Techno Monkeys git out your tweakers, plenty mo stuff to calculate. The MacGyver’s been over there already, gatherin trinkets. Tis a regular simian shower over 870 as monkeys of all sizes leap off and make their way crosstown.


Ho-Thar of Atlantis



*“Operations” will be our AW Scenarios. We will have objectives, navigation routes, rally points, refueling points, ingress to target, egress, and rtb / recovery. A good deal of planning will go into our operations and holo-training will be mandatory for participants to become familiar with the procedures, equipment, stations, Brevity Codes, combat formations, etc.

1. Keep your shit squared away.

2. No kneecapping Dipsy while he’s AFK.

3. Use the damned TS server when on station (no exceptions).

4. See (General Rules) regarding onboard fires, hatches, navigation changes, and interstellar conflict.


Section One: Faction

  • Fleet Bigweek is a UEE supporting organization and is thus anti-piracy. Neutral standings with the UEE are also acceptable.
  • Smuggling is a personal risk to the individual and the Fleet has no policy regarding such issues.

Section Two: Capital Designations and Ranks

While we are currently squawking as “paramilitary” we will have no official ranking structure. Our members have enough experience working together that ranks should not be deemed necessary. We may expand on this beyond the core members when the time comes. Capital ship operations will delegate a “skipper” prior to launch. All wings will delegate a “flight leader” when applicable. Said flight leader and skipper will be in charge for their prospective sortie for pre-flight briefing as well as being responsible for their perspective AARs.

**Pre-flight briefings will be held in the ready rooms (either on board a cap ship or in the organization’s hanger). Doors locked and lights dimmed at the top of the hour prior to sortie launch.

  • OPERATORS have either contributed to or acquired fleet capitol assets and will have direct access to the capital vessels. They will be able to send out capitol crew invites during operations. The current Operator on-board is free to delegate any and all positions (including “skipper”) to his existing crew, but capital bridge operations during combat will be solely restricted to the core AW group or the ship owner’s designated crew at all times.
  • FLIGHT OPS have contributed towards the funding of the organization’s available escort craft permanently stationed aboard capitol assets. They receive first crack at the fighters stationed aboard.
  • STATION OPS” have contributed towards the capital asset NPC/crew slots (Operators can invite members to “Agent Smith” into these crew positions).
  • FLIGHT OFFICERS are standard fleet members. Again, we have no ranking structure withing the Fleet. But you are required to follow instructions form any designated “skipper”, “flight leader”, “Pri-fly landing officer” or “CIC officer” coordinating any current operation you are flying in. Any Fleet member may fill these roles.
  • WEAPONS SPECIALISTS are basically anyone who does not necessarily want to fly on a regular basis. This includes “Gunners”, “CIC Operations”, “Pri-Fly”, “Flight Engineers”, “Flight Deck and Mashalling Crews”, “Anti-boarding and Boarding Operators”, “Medical Staff”, etc.
  • AFFILIATES are the new guys (ie: non-AW/core members pending probationary restrictions). Probationary period will be a minimum of 20 hours logged combat operations with the Fleet. Or members of APPROVED affiliate organizations that have been vetted by ADMINISTRATION and APPLICANT ANNALISTS background checks.

Section Three: Roles

  • ADMIN – duties: site coordinator, make any needed changes to the appearance of the organization site, maintain fleet (ships owned) records.
  • “HR OFFICER – duties: manages the members, ranks, and roles, maintain a running list of contributors and access, confirm AAR’s are always completed after a mission or operation.
  • APPLICANT ANALYST – duties: to vet any new/non-AW members who have been sponsored in by another member; background checks; research applicant dossier; check previous organization associations; notify officers when FNGs are clean to promote to full member; help establish any additional requirements for recruiting and probationary periods (20 hours combat fleet ops a minimum). No application or membership will be considered for anyone with hidden affiliations (ie: affiliations not viewable via dossier or fleet member roister).
  • “G.B.N.F” – the highest of all duties: our brothers and sisters in eternal flight, always at our wing. “Gone But Never Forgotten”

Section Four: Code of Conduct

  • No politics or religion discussed in chat, forum, or voice comms.
  • Be Respectful. Treat all your fellow members and our allies/affiliates with respect.
  • We will at times respond to distress calls from allies and affiliates

Section Five: Security

  • Capital bridge operations will be solely restricted to the core group or ship owner’s selected crew at all times during combat.
  • Do not discuss operational planning outside of designated areas/comms.
  • Do not share the current TeamSpeak server password with anyone from outside BigWeek.

Section Six: Recruitment and Sponsorship

  • We will not be actively recruiting from outside of our existing AW channels. Friends, family, squadmates are always welcome.
  • Members may “sponsor in” acquaintances with the understanding that their actions will reflect on the sponsor.
  • Probationary periods for new members will be determined on a case-by-case basis may be lifted by the approval of three officers after the mandatory 20 hours logged combat operations with Fleet.
  • No application or membership will be considered for anyone with hidden affiliations (ie: affiliations not viewable via dossier).
  • Absolutely under NO circumstances will ANY Fleet Assets be loaned out to non-members.

Section Seven: Replacement of Lost Assets

*See the an OPERATOR at the end of the mission to provide a report fully detailing any Fleet-owned ship or hardware loss during a operations. Repairs, replacement of Fleet-owned hardware will be covered by the Fleet coffers. Reimbursement for fuel and ammo for individually-owned ships will also be covered during the course of Fleet operations.

Section Eight: Alliances

  • Fleet Bigweek is a UEE supporting organization and is thus anti-piracy.
  • Current Approved Affiliations and Alliances:
    1. (ACES HIGH) Affiliation/Alliance/Bilateral Trade Agreement/Non-Aggression Pact and Mutual Defense
    2. (CONVOY) is a dedicated transport group designated to provide mutual protection.
    3. (SAR Dustoff-Five-Seven) is a neutral civilian EVAC service under contract for Search and Rescue Calls supplementing our own SAR/Medical Operations. *Since “57” is a “Non-Profit” we encourage any pilot with spare time to feel free to volunteer flight duties with their operations. SAR/Medical is a Citizen’s most valued asset in the Verse.
    4. (OPERATION PITCHFORK) “Let’s organize the entire player base to invade the Vanduul systems at the end of the beta. We have nothing to lose. Let’s do something stupidly glorious (Yes we would all probably die), and heck CIG just might let us keep them…”
  • NOTAM: Do your homework with regards to Affiliations. We are UEE-supporting Fleet. Neutral organizations are allowed. Piracy and Piracy Infiltration organizations are strictly off-limits. If you so desire to join such an organization, it should be done thru an alternate account with strictly no ties or communications to this Fleet.

Section Nine: Voice Comms and Protocols

  • Team Speak is required for ALL active Fleet operations (no exceptions).
  • Do not share the current TeamSpeak password with anyone from outside BigWeek.
  • Team Speak server admins will maintain any operational Affiliation or Alliance Channels/Sub-Channels required and approved.
  • Report any unidentified users to a TS server admin or fleet officer IMMEDIATELY. If a user is on our server without designated “wings”, they are not authorized to be in the sub-channels.
  • When possible, include your station ID (position) in your TS handle prior to launch of capitol operations.
  • Mission Control, SWACS, CIC, and Pri-Fly will have priority speaking (notify a TS server or channel admin for priority designations).
  • “Flash traffic” and “knock it off” calls warrant a hold on all other comms traffic.
  • Flight designations should be established during preflight. Fighters wings=colors, transports=animals, bombers=automobile companies, scouts/recon=fruits, tankers=oil companies, capital assets=cities, SAR/CSAR= dustoff, command and control=control, SWACS=overwatch (examples: *Red 06*=fighter, *Zebra 09*=transport, *Ford 02*=bomber, *Strawberry 03*=scout, *Texaco 02*=tanker, *London 01*=Idris, *Dustoff 02*=SAR, *Control 02*=C&C, *Overwatch 03*= SWACS).
  • Note: capital ship designations should reflect the current Operator’s time zone (example: Dispy operating an Idris would squawk “London 01” where Revdoc might squawk as “Dallas 01”).
  • Armed Forces Space Radio will be broadcasting on it’s own channel except during BigWeek operations (optional). Mute the bot if it becomes a distraction.

Section Ten: After Action Reports

  • A brief After Action Report (AAR) must be filed in the designated areas (Officer Chat and AAR thread on Fleet forums) by the Operator after all capitol operations (include any asset losses, damage, ammo/ fuel status, etc). Skippers and flight leaders are to provide any and all operational information to the Operator for this report (ships damaged or lost, flight crew KIA or MIA, confirmed kills, targets destroyed, and damage estimates, repairs status, ammo and fuel status). As well as any docking fees encountered if landing fleet assets off-station.
  • Any relocation of fleet assets (ships) must be reported/included in an AAR (example: “31/01/2016. Dallas 01 with Blue 1,2,3 onboard was safely logged out in Sol Sector 27. Crew intact. All assets refueled and rearmed to 100%”).