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Eagle River Syndicate / EYRIE

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The Eagle River Syndicate is a multi-branch org with open and covert operations in Stanton and the surrounding star systems.

[ Website ] – [ Discord ]


Our History:

Founded by Belinda Pfaffenbach of the Minnesota Pfaffenbach’s, The Eagle River Syndicate took every available opportunity and grew at an alarming rate. ​

From humble beginnings as an executive holiday encampment and nature preserve near a glacial runoff on Microtech, it has expanded into every possible enterprise to form an intergalactic empire. All the while developing a network of close associates.

Now, wherever there is profit to be found in the verse the Eagle River Syndicate will be nearby.

Our trade and industry branch scours the galaxy clearing the wastes and belts to mine anything of value. Their haulers move anything, anywhere, any time keeping galactic economies turning and all the wrecks and hulks found along the way get claimed and recycled for scrap and the occasional used drake dealership.

The fleet holds some of the best pilots in the verse with an array of experiences and a thirst for adventure.

The marines are ready to enter the fray on lands, bunkers or ships to protect our assets and operatives.

​The syndicate’s notoriety often leads them to be engaged by planetary authorities to carry out special operations under letters of marque.

The syndicate’s financial sectors developed a bank and a lucrative health insurance service with the ability to buy when you need as well as subscribing to the service.

As the universe expands so will the Eagle River Syndicate. As Belinda says ‘You risked the lives of some damn fine pilots… and that’s my job!’

Joining us:

Eagle River Syndicate are always looking for great people, regardless of experience.

If you’d like to join us, click ‘join us now’ on this website and also be sure to go to our [ Discord ] and our application form can be found on the web at


Find out more about the Eagle River Syndicate by exploring our Website

The Syndicate is controlled by our high command which comprises the admiralty and the leader of each of the branches of the organization.

Each branch is headed by a captain, who, working with his command team, is tasked with creating content, training and developing the branch and its members.

Members of the Syndicate may choose to join any branch, or simply remain what we lovingly refer to as ‘Eagles’. Joining a branch brings advantage, additional training but also additional commitment to the Syndicate. Remaining an Eagle still gives access to great events, training and development.

On joining a branch, a member is not restricted from activities with other branches.

A member can change branch at anytime.

Which branch could be” right for you?


What we expect:

  • * A Headset / Microphone and activity on our discord
  • * Engagement and enthusiasm
  • * People who will get involved in the group
  • * Positive attitude
  • * Mutual respect and integrity
  • * As little drama as possible
  • * Leaving real life politics and controversy at the door
  • * A mature attitude (normally 18+, 16+ with sponsorship from existing member)

What we offer:

  • * A home for both new and very experienced players
  • * A great and very active community
  • * Regular events and activities
  • * Training and development
  • * Focus areas for growth without locking you into one gameplay loop

Our moral stance

  • * Our members must always keep their word
  • * Profit comes before local government policy
  • * The well-being of our members comes first

Find our more at our website