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Urge / URGE

  • Syndicate
  • Regular
  • Role play
  • Trading
  • Smuggling

Hi! Welcome, to our tribe of respectable deviants, drifters, tarts companions, haulers, prospectors, and smugglers.


Faithfully United Organization that has been watching each others backs for generations. Dating back at least to the Messer Era, this Tribe and family has spent most its time avoiding unwanted attention from imperial authorities. Moving both legal and questionable goods with as little record as possible. After the Messer Era however there was an effort to avoid criminal enterprise, however business brings food to the table….


Faithful Tribe of ‘The Path’

Affiliated Orgs:
Black Suns


Urge is life on the edge without leaving a trace.
Urge is not just a Tribe but is our Family
We will stand United even if we are far apart


  • We will protect and stand united with our tribe and family

  • We will defend the Path of Unity

  • We will not talk about the business at the dinner table.