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The Path / BALHAR

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Balance in Self, Unity in Community, Harmony with the Universe and Spirits. These were the teachings of our Ancestor’s that guided them along The Path. Now we shall use these teachings as a unifying force among the stars.


Discord for more info


The discovery of the Jump Points and the sudden expansion of mankind into the verse gave rise to a new form of Tribes (ORGs and Settlements), Separated from the instant media and on-demand food supply of the homeworlds gave rise to communities dependent on each other and moderate trade with others.

This manifested in bandits, pirates, solitary colonies, mercenary groups, etc. This also leads to a belief system that diverged from this new lifestyle. These new tribes began searching for new life-affirming messages that they seemed disconnected from. From this, an Oracle seemed to appear to some tribal scouts in the Nul System.

Alone and stranded he was picked up and began teaching about THE PATH. Holo Recordings of the Oracle began to spread among the outlying tribes as well as deep in the organized verse, though many didn’t pay this Oracle mind, many of the tribes found THE PATH to be a uniting force in an otherwise cold and harsh verse. Some allied under THE PATH, giving each other both mutual protection from outside forces but also a way to resolve differences that defiantly occur between them.

THE PATH has over time become more structured, Lead by Faith Elders are chosen for their insight into the verse. —-

Member Orgs

Affiliate Orgss
Black Suns
Cognition Corp

The Path’s Discord


We help and bring Unity and Harmony to followers of The Path. Meditation and Unity bring Harmony to The Path.

Maintain relations between members and member tribes (orgs)

Assist in bounties made by members against non-members

Protect member & friendly org trading

*Work in member & friendly orgs

Non-Exclusive We want members from other organizations to join!


Teachings of The Path

Unity & Meditation leads to Harmony

Unify one’s self with your Body your Ship and your Gun and you will find harmony in the universe. * Be comfortable with who you are, your skills, and your place in the universe. * Be confident with your ship * Be confident with your weapons

Meditate on one’s Interactions with the community * Keep unity with brothers and sisters here, If a wrong is done bring balance A good example would be shooting down a membership for a bounty, share with that member a portion of said bounty. * Keep Harmony with those outside the Tribes If you attack them try to find harmony If they attack you, let the Tribes know and they will know our unity

Harmonize with the Universe * Be mindful of your actions and keep balance with the natural places you visit This again does not mean do not mine, hunt, etc, Just do this with balance

Meditate with the Spirits * Be mindful of the places Spirits Reside and tread with respect., they will lead you on the path of harmony.