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September 26th 2012

2541: Awfully Crowded in My Sky

2541: Awfully Crowded in My Sky

As the UPE maintained a chilly tension with the Xi’An near Terra in the ‘East,’ we were still unchallenged in the systems to the ‘West’ of Earth. That was about to change.

The Tevarin were about a hundred years behind humans technologically. They were just starting to journey out from their homeworld of Kaleeth. The Tevarin adhered to a rigid warrior ethos, honoring duty and fealty as virtues.  They were not a bloodthirsty species, they simply honored the art of combat.

UPE System Designation:  Elysium

Date of Discovery:  November 15, 2541

Jump-Point NavDirections U/L:  Kellar Lench [Pilot/n.C.]

System Assessment:  On Elysium IV there is an indigenous species calling themselves the Tevarin. Though sentient and intelligent, they have not evolved to our level technologically. Recommend that we establish contact and bring them into the UPE.  It is a wonderful opportunity to elevate the species into the modern era.

The UPE reached out to the Tevarin.  They weren’t interested in establishing diplomatic relations or even our technology.  They were interested in our systems.  So the first interspecies war began as most wars begin, over territory.

As the Tevarin War began to swell, the military feared that the conflict in the West might embolden a Xi’An attack in the East and instituted a Draft. Fortunately, a young and ambitious officer, Ivar Messer, captured public attention when he distinguished himself in the Battle of Idris IV. The UPE quickly realized this and turned Messer into the face of the Tevarin War.

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