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September 16th 2012

2214: The March of Progress

2214: The March of Progress

When RSI announced the next generation of fusion engine, new and exciting prospects for space travel opened up, but not everyone was so enthused:

Bailey couldn’t believe it.  Twenty minutes into Physics class and his Sheet was now getting a new download.  Some new Engine Tech or something that came out today.  He’d caught a glimpse of it on the way out the door this morning but these crappy public school Sheets were just getting the TextbookUpdate pings now.

Mr. Caro already said that we were gonna be quizzed on it and its updating now?!  There’s no way.  Just no way.  This is so stupid.  How the hell am I supposed to learn this now?  

Screw it.  I’ll bomb it.  Screw this class.  Screw Citizenship.  Screw this whole system.  I don’t need it…

Mr. Caro said the quiz would start in ten minutes.  Bailey sunk into his seat and started studying.

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