What is journalism? A simple definition is that journalism is the act of gathering, creating and ...

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What is journalism? A simple definition is that journalism is the act of gathering, creating and presenting news and information and also the product of these activities.

Why am I addressing this, right now? Because this interview deals with law and outlaws, and causes and affects of misbehaving. While following this lead we had a terrific experience in meeting one of the most interesting men in the 'Verse, Lincoln Reyes who speaks freely, as a true free man.

We had a story to tell, here. And we did tell it to the best of our ability, but at the end of the day I think we all learned a lesson we can treasure forever: we can't be biased by our own judgement. What we, as journalists and photographers, are here to do is simple: depict the 'Verse as it is.

And when we do that, we know we did our job properly. We know we told a story which needed to be told. This, is one of those moments.


We are a non-profit scientific and educational organizations which operates within the UEE territory. Our interests include geography, archaeology, and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, and the study of ‘Verse culture and history. IMPGEO revolves around exploration. All our job is focused on exploring new territories and, even better, getting to know the area of the ‘Verse we live in. Our fleet’s main goal is to reach the ultimate star and taking the ultimate shot while getting there. To us, destination is not so relevant. It’s the journey which matter the most.

Explorations means many things. To us, it implies a better understanding of what surrounds us. To do so our expeditions are intended to be a moment, for our members, to view the ‘Verse in a different angle. Reporting what we see is our duty, in order to let others experience what we felt first hand.


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