Art, as we know it, has many forms and, very often, it defies definitions. Sometimes we find it i...

5 years ago

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Art, as we know it, has many forms and, very often, it defies definitions. Sometimes we find it in a paint, sometimes we find it in a movie, well secluded in some lines or in some beautiful shots. Art is everywhere, around us. The challenge is to find out where it lies and capture it and tame it, like a beautiful animal.

But there‘s one thing which, maybe, defines art more than others. Its purpose. Art has a simple purpose. To tell a story. It can be any kind of story. A sad one. A fun one. A scary one. No matter the meaning, what‘s important is that art does tell us something which comes directly from the realm of the “What If“.

And what better art to tell these stories than music? Every note is a step further into that story. Until the end. Until we, as listeners, are prompted with that unique moment which stays with us for the eternity.


We are a non-profit scientific and educational organizations which operates within the UEE territory. Our interests include geography, archaeology, and natural science, the promotion of environmental and historical conservation, and the study of ‘Verse culture and history. IMPGEO revolves around exploration. All our job is focused on exploring new territories and, even better, getting to know the area of the ‘Verse we live in. Our fleet’s main goal is to reach the ultimate star and taking the ultimate shot while getting there. To us, destination is not so relevant. It’s the journey which matter the most.

Explorations means many things. To us, it implies a better understanding of what surrounds us. To do so our expeditions are intended to be a moment, for our members, to view the ‘Verse in a different angle. Reporting what we see is our duty, in order to let others experience what we felt first hand.


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