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Astrid Messer VII
  • Born


  • Died


  • Classification


  • Affiliation

    United Empire of Earth

  • Occupation

    Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (2697-2701)

Astrid Messer VII (2667-2701) was one of two Imperators of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) from 2697-2701. She seized power from her aunt Illyana Messer VI after the latter died of a sudden stroke. Agents loyal to Illyana smuggled her youngest son and named successor, Samuel, away from Earth (Sol III) before Astrid could have him assassinated. As Imperator, Astrid devoted military resources to locating Samuel, expanded censorship, and ordered mass arrests of journalists who spoke against the conflict. She was assassinated by Samuel’s agents in 2701 which led to his ascension to Messer VIII.

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