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The Leir system is an unclaimed planetary system made up of a type-A main sequence star and three terrestrial planets. Discovered in 2677 by a team of ICC Stellar Surveyors, initial assessments showed that the system was rich in minerals. However, the newly-ascended Imperator Illyana Messer VI chose not to commit United Empire of Earth (UEE) resources to its development in favor of strengthening her position. Independent miners soon established themselves on the naturally habitable Leir I. In 2743, the terraforming rights to Leir II were sold to Hatfield & Harding. Although the terraformation was completed, project leader Dr. Marcus Fayel led a takeover of the planet in 2812, backed by a base of followers now known as the Outsiders. Today, a small community of miners on Leir I are happy to trade with any visitors, but the people of Leir II refuse to purchase goods made in the UEE in order to maintain a "pure" society.

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