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ArcCorp (Company)
  • Industry

  • Founded


  • Headquarters

    ArcCorp (Stanton III)

  • Products

    Jump modules, quantum drives, spacecraft engines, industrial mining equipment, terraforming platforms

ArcCorp is a Human business conglomerate that oversees a diverse set of industries, including manufacturing, mining, terraforming, and space exploration. Founded in 2687 as a deep-space exploration consortium, ArcCorp shifted to mining in the early 2700s and fusion engine manufacture in the 2810s. Their fusion engine is the standard engine for 100+ meter spacecraft. After purchasing Stanton III from the United Empire of Earth (UEE) in 2865, ArcCorp developed the planet to support business and property interests. By utilizing Xi’an urban development theory, the planet became the most industrialized planet in the UEE.

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