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Aremis (Vega II)

Aremis is a terrestrial planet in the Vega system, United Empire of Earth (UEE). Famous for its set of rings, the planet is sharply defined by two shepherd moons that orbit it on the inner and outer sides. After being minimally terraformed, it was initially settled only by the Human military to house Army, Navy, and Marine bases. Its population expanded when refugees from its neighboring system fled the Fall of Virgil in SEY 2737 and settled. Since then, the population steadily rose and Vega II was on track for planetary recognition. After the planet was attacked by the Vanduul during the Battle of Vega II, it was recognized by the UEE Senate on 10 November 2945.

Today, while it is still not fully recovered from the attack, Aremis has both a strong military presence and a growing population of native-born civilians and descendants of refugees. The city of New Corvo has developed into a center for commerce and experimental cuisine.

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