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Anthony Tanaka
  • Born


  • Died


  • Classification


  • Affiliation

    United Empire of Earth

  • Occupation

    Child laborer (2752-2757)

Anthony Tanaka (2745-2757) was a child laborer who became a martyr to the anti-Messer movement when he was murdered by an Advocacy agent for refusing to continue work. He was born in Newcastle, Borea (Magnus II), and was forced to begin work at a munitions factory by local authorities when he was 7 years old. On 3 December 2757, Tanaka, exhausted after a sixteen-hour shift, refused to take over for a co-worker who had gone into anaphylactic shock. An Advocacy agent employed as one of the company’s security enforcers executed him on the factory floor for his defiance. Footage of the murder was smuggled out of the factory, and became a symbol of resistance to the growing members of the anti-Messer movement. Remembrance Day was established in honor of him.

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