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Emperor T.uēng se Kr.ē
  • Born

    SEY 2530 / III.838

  • Classification

  • Affiliation

  • Occupation

    Emperor of the Xi'an Emprire (SEY 2643 / III.926-present)

Tao’yusao T.uēng se Kr.ē (Emperor T.uēng Kr.ē) is the current Emperor of the Xi’an Empire. Crowned in 2643, Emperor Kr.ē was one of the architects behind the first resolution to end the Xi’an-Human Cold War, along with United Empire of Earth (UEE) Senator Terrence Akari. He is the last member of the Kr.ē family who can lawfully assume the title Emperor. A new family will be chosen as the next Imperial House upon his death, and the Third Imperial Age will end.

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