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People's Alliance

The People’s Alliance is an independent Human political group that exists outside the governance of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) and seeks a social order based on egalitarianism and community. It formed during the reign of ImperatorCorsen Messer V (2609 - 2662), in response to his increasingly harsh policies on crime, which included broad expansion of the death penalty and suspension of the right to trial for political crimes. The group initially formed as they participated in community aid programs and staged peaceful protests of the new laws. However, as more and more of their members were arrested, imprisoned, and executed, their goals shifted from one of changing Human society to creating a society of their own. They founded a settlement in 2655, utilizing an abandoned mining outpost on the asteroid Delamar in the Nyx system. Named Levski after a historical revolutionary figure, the People’s Alliance welcomed anyone fleeing the rule of the Messers, and the community grew. Today, the People’s Alliance continues to accept new residents who wish to live away from under government rule.

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