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Corsen Messer V

Corsen Messer V (2609-2662) was the Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE) from 2643 to 2662. Born youngest son of Deacon Messer II, his older sister, Livia III, became Imperator in 2628. He ascended to the office in 2643, when his sister retired from public life two years after her husband Daniel Scota and their son Marius were killed in a shuttle crash in Moscow, Earth (Sol III). During his reign, he widened the range of crimes eligible for capital punishment, raised taxes throughout the UEE, suspended the right to a trial for political crimes, increased censorship, founded the Monumentalist architectural movement, and opened more political prisons on Charon III. He and his elder son Gammon were assassinated via poisoning in 2662. Though the culprit was never uncovered, historical consensus places the blame on his youngest daughter, Illyana VI.

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