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Ivar Messer I

Ivar Messer (2516-2592) was the first Imperator of the United Empire of Earth (UEE). He was a Captain in the United Planets of EarthArmy 112th Infantry Battalion when he distinguished himself in the First Tevarin War (2541-2546) during Operation Nemesis and in the Battle of Idris IV, when he took command after the death of his captain and led his troops to victory. The government capitalized off his image as a brave and charismatic officer in an advertising campaign to recruit soldiers. After the war, he utilized this to gain political influence, securing a position in the Tribunal as High-General. He then leveraged public fervor against the Atrocity at Jata to create the new governmental position of Prime Citizen. During an emergency election held 15 December 2546, he was elected to the office he helped enact. He went on to completely restructure the government: first dissolving the Tribunal, then renaming the UPE the United Empire of Earth, and then declaring himself Imperator in early 2547. He continued to enact sweeping changes, accruing power and further entrenching his position. Ivar married Corporate CTO Delia Hassan in 2571 and had one son, Deacon, shortly after, who would ascend to Imperator after his father's death in 2592.

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