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Aesir Industries / AESIND

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Perhaps you search among the branches, for that which only appears in the roots ~ Old Norse proverb


Aesir Industries [AESIND] was founded in July 2947, after long discussion by a dedicated team of skilled pilots & citizens with several years of managing experience between them. Our aim is to collect the best & brightest fellow citizens, passionate about their career in the ‘Verse to join us in our collective and from the ashes of what used to be create a new order that will leave it’s mark on history.

All of us have withstood trial by fire & were born anew in Aesir Industries.

Together we strive to make the ‘Verse a better place by specialising ourselves in a wide variety of branches, represented by the cosmic world tree – Yggdrasil, connecting all realms.


The Forging * 2947-07-11

[AESIND] Aesir Industries was founded

Project Yggdrasil * 2947-10-01

[AESIND] Aesir Industries launched project Yggdrasil to build interstellar relations, establish diplomatic relations and look for likeminded organisations willing to work under our framework

Alliance & Trade Partnership – UNARAS * 2947-10-24

After successful negotiations Aesir Industries [AESIND] entered an Alliance & Trade Partnership with the Unified Armistice Association [UNARAS]

The Great Migration * 2947-11-11

[AESIND] Aesir Industries officially migrated away from our mother organisation & initiated the migration process in order to keep our core together under our new format. We chose Armistice Day for symbolic reasons, to amicably transfer the “old” to the “new”

Alliance & Trade Partnership – IHILTD * 2947-11-11

After successful negotiations Aesir Industries [AESIND] proudly entered an Alliance & Trade Partnership with Iron Horse Industries [IHILTD]

Alliance & Trade Partnership – OBERONITC * 2947-11-12

After successful negotiations Aesir Industries [AESIND] entered an Alliance & Trade Partnership with the Oberon Interstellar Trading Company [OBERONITC]

Organization Merge / Cooperation – HTFS * 2947-11-13

Aesir Industries [AESIND] proudly merged Heritage [HTFS] into it’s operations, allowing us to work together more closely with [HTFS] who remain “separate” for appropriate city management as well as our Allies [IHILTD] to make this project succeed.

Trade Partnership – JSO * 2947-12-10

After negotiations Aesir Industries [AESIND] entered a Trade Partnership with the Joint Space Observation Corporation [JSO]


Aesir Industries [AESIND] aims to be a medium-sized self-sufficient organisation that values skill, specialisation & dedication over sheer strength-in-numbers organisations where members are no more then just a number.

All our members matter to us, regardless of skill or ability. Every member will have their place within [AESIND] as a part of our collective family and aid in being a self-sufficient organisation aimed at making the ‘Verse a better place.

Skill & knowledge are subjects that can be worked on, so we’ve set up a training program to aid both our newest members get up to speed with spaceship controls & maneuvres as well as keep our seasoned pilots sharp & up-to-date.

If working as part of a social & dedicated team that takes you to value as a person is what you are looking for, then look no further.
We offer wide variety of branches, with a fleet to back it up.

What can we offer you in Aesir Industries ?

Our core group Yggdrasil consists of:

- Development Division: Exploration, Science & Research
- Industry Division: Mining/Refining, Salvage & Manufacturing
- Commerce Division: Business & Finance
- Logistics Division: Transport, Refuel & Supply

Aside from these we have 3 independent Divisions to secure [AESIND] assets or those of our allies, friends and partners:

- Security Division: Air/Space Defence fleet, Mobile Infantry & Scouting
- Intelligence Division: Intel & Classified
- Support Division: Medical, Repair/Engineering & Emergency Response

Sounds like your place to be?
Come visit us, grab a cup of mead and enjoy your stay. We’ll see you soon o7

For more information or to apply, please visit us on Discord


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