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Roberts Space Industries

Amarok's Fang / AMAROKFANG

  • Organization
  • Casual
  • Exploration
  • Freelancing

Welcome to Amarok’s Fang. With us you can feel free to play as you like with other citizens in law abiding activities. We welcome all players new and veterans. Play together or solo. We want all to experience the verse as they wish. Exploration, Trading , or just messing around its your choice.


While the operation as a whole exists outside UEE law, members can be found everywhere throughout the galaxy, from the Central Imperial systems of Earth and Croshaw, all the way out to the fringe systems of Horus and Chronos. With such a wide ranging operation, it is hard to guess what system they are truly based out of, or if there even is a formal group headquarters.


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Page Under Construction. Please check back soon!